The National Football League has been the greatest sports league for at least 15 years straight now. I won't even touch on the revenue it has collected during this stint. 

Why so popular? 

For one, the NFL has the most loyalist and greatest fans around the country. Anytime you have families wearing team jerseys in the midst of their homes while watching the game constitutes that. Or what about fans not going to work the following Monday or can't watch any sports show because their football team loss; also proves it has the greatest fans.

But why?

This is the only league where you will see at least 99% of the players give it their all. When you have players giving it their all then that means drama follows. No I'm not speaking of the Brett Farve "I might retire for the sixth time" drama. I'm talking about playing on a broken leg in a championship game, playing the following day after your father passes away (I got you Brett), or throwing the game winning touchdown with seconds left in a Superbowl type drama.

We also can't forget about controversy, villains, scandals. This is all in play when it comes to the NFL but all for the same reason....winning matters to everyone in this sport. This is the only sport where every player in play is as important than anyone every time the ball is snap. No Leons (the commercial character "Again, Leon can't do everything") in the NFL in real life, just ask T.O. 

There are hundreds of great story lines that has taken place in NFL history but they are usually scattered around different seasons. There has never been a season with so much controversy, feel good stories, and surprises as it has been this year. So dare I ask, can this be the greatest season ever? All I know is this surely will be the most memorable season.

Here are the top five reason the 2012 NFL season might be the greatest of all time.