At some point, the names are going to appear in print. College coaches who will be linked to NFL teams after head coaches are fired. It’s a rite of passage and bound to happen.

Charlie Strong will be one of those names to be called first.

The Louisville head coach and architect of the Florida Gators national title defenses is ready to take the next step in his coaching career.

Here are five teams that should consider him.

Miami Dolphins

This is not Nick Saban or Bobby Petrino going to the NFL. The Dolphins have their share of issues and have been a blueprint for what is wrong in the locker room of the NFL

I am not saying the team should gut the coaching staff as a whole, but the general manager and head coach should be relieved of their duties. Strong and his defensive schemes would make a solid defense even better.

Washington Redskins

Remember when Daniel Snyder bought the Washington Redskins and had this crazy idea that he wanted Steve Spurrier to run his offense and see the “Fun and Gun” in the nation’s capital? That will not be the case this time around.

I like the idea of Strong being united with Robert Griffin III and potentially Alfred Morris or maybe even another running back (Adrian Peterson). I also think should this team trade Kirk Cousins for a second round pick, it could be the start of another solid run in D.C.

Dallas Cowboys

Amid the idea that Jerry Jones turned the media on its ear when he proclaimed the team should never have let Rob Ryan go following New Orleans’ blowout win on Sunday night, there are all kinds of crazy things going on the Big D.

Should Strong be hired, it would be one of those knee jerk reactions, I think. He would same kind of control as Jason Garrett has right now (none) and it would be interesting to see if Bill Callahan would still be calling the offensive plays for this team.

Houston Texans

I think this would really work if the team decides to stick with Case Keenum at quarterback or takes a chance on drafting Johnny Manziel or somehow can wind up with the first pick in the draft.

There is also an issue here if Strong gets a look. He is a defensive mind and does that mean while this team has the best defense in the NFL, it is willing to part ways with defensive coordinator, Wade Philips?

Atlanta Falcons

I do not buy into this notion that Mike Smith is not feeling any heat form Falcons brass about his job. Even with injuries that have mounted over the season, he has been ineffective in taking Atlanta to a Super Bowl.

If the Falcons rid themselves of Smith and decide to go with another defensive-minded coach, this is the direction they should go.