5 NFL Starting Quarterbacks Who Will Lose Their Jobs In 2013

By Michael Quinn
December 17, 2012 11:59 pm
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While some unexpected teams like the Colts, Redskins, and Seahawks are excelling this season, playoff usuals like the Eagles and Saints are all but done with their season.

The obvious course-of-action would be to get rid of the current signal caller. He's the one calling all the shots right? I mean this is the quarterbacks team right?

Five teams come to mind with quarterbacks who are performing far less than they should considering what their being paid. 

Of those five teams, almost all of them will either bench their current quarterback, or get rid of him for new talent.

This seems to happen every year, but who made the list this time around?

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2 years ago
Vick has been beaten like a dog and should get out before he's knocked out permanently and sent back to the farm.
Gabbert could wind up a grandfather clock faster than he can a pigskin. Jags are only team JJ Watt has to wear a bib to keep his jersey dry.
Sanchez is, well, Sanchez. He sucks, Tebow is a sideshow, but he sucks, too! There are some quality backups/draft choices Cassel may benefit from a change of scenery.
Arizona may need an exorcism to atone for mgmt's cardinal sins.
2 years ago
Ya know what the best part about this article is?? I wrote Sanchez as my number one player to lose his job, and that was before his 5 turnovers last night!!

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