5 NFL Quarterbacks Most Likely To Have A New Home In 2013

By Nyanatee Bailey
January 13, 2013 9:53 am
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Whether it's being usurped by a younger, more dynamic playmaker or being cast aside as a new regime moves into power, the quarterback carousel keeps on spinning. With a deep, albeit unspectacular crop of quarterbacks in the Draft, and eight head coaches being fired, that carousel will undoubtedly spin a little bit faster this off-season. With a couple of exceptions, each new coach is going to want to crown a new field general to lead his team. And even some incumbents will be looking to upgrade at quarterback in an effort to save their jobs, and avoid Black Monday, the 2013 edition

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By Nyanatee Bailey
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2 years ago
Alex Smith, we need him in MINNESOTA!!! Ponder sucks.
2 years ago
Alex Smith is a really good QB and I hope he lands in Minnesota. On a team that is a contender.
2 years ago
Alex would b good n CHIEF NATION also big Hoosier fan things looking up for me GO get him Ried GO CHIEFS AND GO HOOSIERS
2 years ago
Tim Tebow has not had a chance to show his potential as an NFL quarterback. There has been a lot of prejudice from John Elway while Tim was at Denver. Rex Ryan had no use for Tim from day one when he arrived in New York. Why? No one asked Rex his opinion first. Rex played anyone he could find instead of Tim Tebow. Call it defiance or stubbornness, (is there really a difference?) Now it seems the newly installed front office of the Jacksonville Jaguars are heading down that same we don’t want Tebow Avenue. They fail to see Tim would not have to play as a starter to pack Everbank Stadium every home game, but the hometown hero should get a fair chance to at least try and prove his merit. The front office of the Jaguars may not want Tim, but Jacksonville wants him. Ever heard of appeasing the fans? How about it Shahid Kahn? Who runs that show in Jacksonville anyway? By the way, half of the front office was looking for a job when you hired them. Jacksonville will remember. Will this coming season go down in history as the fall of the house of Jaguars or maybe I should be kinder and call it the house Tim Tebow wasn't allowed to help rebuild? Wayne Bryant.
2 years ago
Dallas can use Alex Smith or any other QB that's available, Tony Romo suck!!!
2 years ago
Wayne Bryant is spot on. There are Quarterbacks that are passers and runners that have done great this year. What did Tim Tebow do for the Broncos? The stats may not have been pretty, but the wins sure were. Oh and by the way, check out the stats on Elway and Manning in their first 5 starts. I WAS a Broncos fan since they were Broncos, but no more.

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