There are times when you just look at a person and think, "what in the heck were they thinking?" This holds true when it comes to NFL players too. There are players out there, heading out onto fields every Sunday, that are in desperate need of a makeover.

Whether they have made a bad tattoo choice at some point during their career; decided to give up on cutting, combing, or doing anything to their hair, for that matter; or not shaving for the length of a season; there are a number of players on every team in need of a makeover.

Larry Fitzgerald at Pitt with short hair.

A few players stand out above others for their out-of-the-ordinary hair styles. Troy Polamalu leads this list for his long, flowing hair half-way down his back. Polamalu has made a second-career out of his hair, with hair commercials for Head & Shoulders. He's starred in five commercials and P&G insured Polamalu's hair for a million-dollars.

Al Harris is credited with starting the long-dread style that many players choose now. When Harris teamed with Mike McKenzie in Green Bay's secondary, they not only were the best at the time, they looked good doing it.

Players like Larry Fitzgerald (pictured with short-hair), Chris Johnson, Joshua Cribbs, and Steven Jackson, just to name a few, all don the long-flowing dreads. Could you picture these players with any other hair style? Fortunately, for these players, they can pull it off and have made their hair a part of their trademark.

Unfortunately for these next five players, they can't pull it off and are in need of a makeover.