5 Most Embarrassing Moments In NFL This Season

By Zach Schaphorst
December 18, 2012 11:31 pm
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The 2012 season got off to an embarrassing start, with the replacement refs giving us plenty to complain about, with awful calls, tediously slow-paced games, and general ineptitude.

While you could probably make a "most embarrassing moments" list jut of the replacement refs, that would be unfair to the other rest of the people who made themselves look like fools this NFL season.

Whether it was a particular player, team, fan base, or commissioner there was plenty of embarrassing moments to go around. The word embarrassing can be interpreted many ways but I chose to look at it as, moments that make you look like a fool and/or utterly incompetent in your NFL related field of work.

Under that definition here are the five moments that qualify.

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By Zach Schaphorst
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2 years ago
But, we do have the new number 6 jersey "Buttfumble". That alone makes it all worth while.
2 years ago
My contention that pro football has gone way of pro wrestling stands. Just the mention of this season is automatic mistake in reality TV. But you may be right ! Your suggestion that it looks more like politics does have merit. Follow the money and not the madmen.As said on a Sunday sports show...."Come on man!"
2 years ago

If the NFL owners thought they could make more money by scripting the games like in WWE I'm sure they would do it in a heart beat.
2 years ago
I was JAZZED when I first heard Tim Tebow was going to the Jets and with Tony Sparano 's spead offense / wildcat WOOWW the posibilities are unlimited. Unfortuantely the Jets just put Tebow in to run up the midddle like a 21st Century Larry Csonka.
GOD help Tebow find his home! I bet Bill Billicheck and his Patriots could find a USE for Tim Tebow.
2 years ago
You apparently don't have very good eyes or just blind to facts in the Packers v Seahawks game: the NFL rule requires BOTH receivers to simultaneously catch the ball. Tate had only one hand on the ball while M.D. Jennings had both hands with the ball clutched to his chest. Watch Tate's right hand--as both players fall to ground, Tate's right hand releases the HOLD on Jennings RIGHT ARM--NOT THE BALL, before he reaches around to grab the ball with his right hand--SIMULTANEOUS catch means BOTH PLAYERS HAVE BOTH HANDS on the ball at the same time--UNDER NFL RULE--JENNINGS HAD ESTABLISHED FIRST POSSESSION--it was an INTERCEPTION--that's why the referee in the endzone--with the best view of the play--called it INT, change of possession. The NFL rule SPECIFICALLY says BOTH players MUST make a "simulataneous" catch to award the ball to offense--clearly M.D. Jennings made FIRST POSSESSION-doesn't matter if it was BEFORE or AFTER both players were on the ground. YOU can say what you want, majority of NFL players, coaches and analysts agree--the PACKERS should've been awarded the INT, and THEY WON THE GAME.
2 years ago

This article is not about arguing about whether or not the call was right, that was what I wrote my "Devil's Advocate" article for. That being said I'll still briefly mention why the refs made the right call.

Just because you have one hand on the ball doesn't mean you don't have possession. If that were the case any "one-handed catch" would be deemed not a catch. If look frame-by-frame Tate's left hand was the first thing to touch the ball, and by his hand stopping the ball, Jennings was able to get his hands on it. The other factor is that Tate's feet hit the ground before Jenning's, meaning that he was the first one to have possession. For a more in depth analysis read the article below.

2 years ago
Goodell "is"'drunk on power !!!!!!
2 years ago
The right call in the Green Bay/Seattle game, are you insane??!! MD Jennings was lying on the ground with the ball held against his chest with BOTH ARMS WRAPPED AROUND IT, and Tate had one hand on Jennings helmet, and NO HANDS ON THE BALL! You're an idiot!
2 years ago

The point of this article was not to incite a debate about whether or not the refs made the right call on the golden tate touchdown, that's what I wrote this article for:


If you want to debate me on this subject, comment on that article.

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