Dearest Vikings Fans,

Unless Daunte Culpepper (or Randall Cunningham) suits up, the emotional Cris Carter cries his way back into the League (too soon?), and Coach Leslie Frazier calls up the legendary Randy Moss and asks him to play this season, keep your hopes a recluse.

If I hit the bull's eye with this prediction, the Purple and Gold will hate me even more. It's a lose-lose situation at the end of the day.

Let’s move forward.

And don't spank me (if I'm mistaken). Childhood memories.


P.S. Your barbaric Vikings are currently crawling in a bewildered state. For example, they wanted the best back-up for quarterback Christian Ponder, transferred Joe Webb to fill in a receiver spot, and acquired Matt Cassell from the Kansas City Chiefs. If Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilia were mashed to create one flavor, the Vikings would be it.