RGIII dropping back to pass

First, a couple of disclaimers.

I am not a fan of the Washington Redskins.  My good friend, Drew, is a diehard.  He has season tickets, despite living in southeast Tennessee, and everything about him is Redskins colors, including his car and desk at work.  So, I have a decent working knowledge of what’s going on in the Redskins’ camp, even if I don’t read the reports daily.  Trust me, as an Atlanta Falcon fan, there is some trash talking going on in this friendship!

Secondly, I actually like the ‘Skins to go the playoffs.  I do not believe that they could pick up a wildcard spot in the very tough NFC, but I do think that they have what it takes to win the division, even though they have not repeated as division champions in almost 30 years. 

However, if you look at the division, in the last four years, no team has finished better than 11-5, as the teams have taken turns rising and falling and the division hasn’t taken a wildcard berth since the 2009 season, which ended a streak of five consecutive wildcard berths.  The division, despite two Super Bowl winners since 2007, has fallen upon mediocrity.  Any playoff team is going to be the division winner and not much else.

So, I do think the Redskins can do it again.  However, there are five good reasons that they will not.  If these five things don’t go right for the ‘Skins, say goodbye to the playoffs: