I am a sports purist. I believe it really takes a quarterback three good years to be great. I love the 4-3 defense and the idea that there really was an "Immaculate Reception." There is something amazingly right about a Barry Sanders' run and grace of Jerry Rice catching a football in full stride.

And I am also a "half-full" kind of writer when it comes to upstart teams in the NFL.

Seattle is one of those teams. While I love the idea of Russell Wilson running to daylight and making the 31 other teams look foolish for not drafting him, there come a time when you have to stop and think whether or not we will see this kind of energy and performance in another season.

The story was great last season, but this might not be the year for Seattle.

I'll stop and wait for you all to stop throwing bottles and beer cans at me. Some teams catch a shooting star and ride it to the holy grail. This will not be the case. I am sorry to say it, but there is a chance Seattle does not make the playoffs.

Here is why.