After a terrible 6-10 season, the Tennessee Titans could use help at all positions on the field. Neither the offense or defense has a player that is the so called, “Leader” when each unit is on the field.

The Titans spent most of the season wondering who was going to play from week to week due to injuries and “fragile” players; to go along with egos and off-field issues.

Head Coach Mike Munchak has a lot to prove in 2013 after the Titans decided to hold onto him after the terrible 2012 season. The Titans have also hired defensive coordinator Greg Williams to run there defense.

Williams was reinstated after missing the 2012 season due to his involvement in the “Bounty Gate Scandal” while he was with the New Orleans Saints. You can bet commissioner Roger Goodell will have a close eye on the Titans during the 2013 season.

The best thing for the Titans due do during the free agency period is find a couple of strong field generals to run their team. Granted running back Chris Johnson had a better season in 2012 than in yeas past another back would go a long way in the Titans backfield.

Here are five guys that owner Bud Adams and crew should target before the draft rolls around to start filling team needs.