The 2012 season could not have been any worse for the Detroit Lions; finishing the season on a 8 game losing streak to finish the season with a 4-12 record. It is amazing that the Lions were so bad in 2012 with the leagues 2nd ranked passing offense.

Once again the Lions are back to square one in 2013 trying to figure out what pieces they need to add to the puzzle. Head coach Jim Schwartz has between now and draft weekend to figure out what he is going to do to get his team back into the playoffs.

Does he address the Lions 23rd ranked rushing attack; or their 16th ranked rushing defense? Schwartz could always start with his 14th ranked passing defense in the free agency pool.

The number one passing offense would also be nice to have by adding another key receiver.

Either way Schwartz decides to add players; there are plenty in free agency and the draft for him to pick from that would fit the Lions needs.

For now lets start with free agency and the best players that will help to Lions make a playoff run in 2013.