I suspect the injury to Tony Romo and the possible impending destruction of the Dallas Cowboys against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night is going to be part of an implosion by team owner Jerry Jones.

Even in the come from behind win over the Detroit Lions, which knocked the Lions out of the playoffs, you could sense the frustration in Jones’ voice and the look of a man who is tired of seeing his team fall apart at the end of the season.

This was a team we were all talking about as a playoff team 17 weeks ago and a real chance for Romo, who cannot seem to win a huge game, to finally put the hecklers to rest with a new $100 million contract in Big D.

Nothing has changed and now with the injury and again doubt that the Cowboys will make the post season, changes will do this team a little good.

It’s not just Romo who should get he blame, but the doe-eyed quarterback with the boyish look gets his share of it on a team that has a defense that a high school team could score against. It has a mega star at receiver who cannot keep his mouth shut and a coaching staff that acts like they are puppets.

If Romo walks, who replaces him? Will Monte Kiffin be shown the door as well? What happens to Jason Garrett and Bill Callahan? Can this team regroup and take another swing at the post season next year?

And if Romo walks, who replaces him? Here are five candidates to think about.