5 Biggest Blunders From Championship Sunday

By Michael Quinn
January 20, 2013 11:09 pm
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This year, the NFC and AFC Championship games were anything but boring.

Like last year, the games will be remembered by big plays and game-changing turnovers. 

Last year, in the AFC Championship, with a chance to win the game, Billy Cundiff missed a 32-yard field goal that would have propelled the Ravens to the Super Bowl. In the NFC Championship, Kyle Williams dropped a punt that would have essentially propelled the 49ers to the Super Bowl if they would have been able to waste the clock.

But the past is the past, and both teams came to play on Sunday seeking redemption.

That doesn't mean there weren't monumental screw-ups this year.

Who is responsible for their teams loss this year? Who are this year's Billy Cundiff and Kyle Williams?

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2 years ago
Ravens merely exposed Pats and Brady for what they are: tricksters and hucksters that need to catch teams off guard with theHurryup in order to win. Ravens were ready for them and exposed the fraud. Add Manning to Brady, you have 18 seasons of losers.
2 years ago

3 Super Bowls? 17 Playoff wins? What's a guy got to do? But the biggest mistake was not taking a timeout before halftime and putting 7 points on the board. That and playing flat the rest of the game.
2 years ago

I think losing Gronk to injury was huge and a few key losses on the defense hurt them. Then, when Ridley went out, that was it...they didn't have enough offensive firepower and Ravens defense keyed into the last few guys they had and that was it. I think Health was the most major factor. Ravens were totally healthy and had all their starters.
2 years ago
The thuggery ravens got lucky again, they wern't so lucky last year and if a hurry-up offense befuddles them then they have a long way to go before their considered an elite team. I see where Pollsrd did it again , knocked out Ridley, lets see, Ridley, Brady, Welker, there was one or two others he put out of commission . Did he ever playbforbthe Saints?

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