4 Reasons The New England Patriots Should Draft Brett Hundley

By Doug Tozier
December 01, 2012 8:21 am
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He is young. He is only a red shirt freshman. He has a lot of school in front of him. He probably doesn't know anything about New England.

But he just might possess the perfect combination of skills that would catch the eye of a football genius like Bill Belichick.

Can you imagine?

Tom Brady starts to slow down...

Bill Belichick starts to wonder when he is going to find someone with half the football intelligence and drive as his beloved HOF QB...

Belichick has a breakthrough moment and decides to go against his usual conservative nature and looks for a mobile version of Tom Brady.

But here are the reasons we should see Belichick jump the curve, wheel and deal, and steal himself the next Patriot franchise QB.

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By Doug Tozier
Senior Writer
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2 years ago
Are you aware of the QB that NE is grooming in one Ryan Mallet who has a Howitzer for an arm? BTW Hundley isn't even in the same league as Johnny Football.
2 years ago

Yes, I am aware. Not sure how well he is developing and think that he may not work out as planned. Hundley would be a more athletic version if he continues to improve... BTW- how many guys with rocket arms have been successful in the NFL? I can think of several names that flopped big time.
2 years ago
Yeah, about the same number of 'athletic' running QBs...
2 years ago

true. That's why I emphasize that he is a pocket passer, and developing. He is only a freshman.

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