In the 92 year history of the National Football League, no running back has rushed for 300 yards in one game. EVER. (Some have come awfully close in recent years).

At the professional level, football is a tough and brutal as it gets. With NCAA football, you have perennial championship contenders, and you have quite a few perennial "Chump-ionship" contenders.

USC belongs in that former category, championship contenders.  With a regular flow of highly skilled players, you best bring your "A" Game. In the long, storied history of this great school, they have prided themselves on defense.

Nobody runs wild on them. Nobody flat-out embarrasses them with "Madden NFL"-like rushing statistics.

Go ahead and say that to Kenjon Barner of the Oregon Ducks. Then cover your ears for the loudest laugh you've ever heard.

Thirty-eight carries (38). Three Hundred Twenty Four (324) yards gained rushing. That is an AVERAGE of 8.5 yards per carry. Plus, Barner scored FIVE touchdowns.

The single greatest, most proficient, most dominant single game performance by a running back against USC. That is a lot of history, this was a performance for the ages.

Barner practically got a first down every time he touched the ball. Second down, third down and short yardage is the dream scenario for any offense. Short yardage downs can and will cause offensive coordinators to salivate at the myriad choices of plays they have.

Kenjon Barner is already among the favorites to win this year's Heisman Trophy. Games like this will rocket a player's status among the candidates.

Games like this make this writer wonder which NFL team will be lucky enough to draft this kid in 2013.