30 Bold NFL Predictions for 2012

By Ernie Simmons
February 09, 2012 12:34 pm
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You always have those bold predictions that run through your head that you never tell anyone but then they come true! But you still can't tell people because they'll say, yea I'm sure you predicted that. So let's put our bold predictions in bold print so if some of them come true we can all say, "HAH! Told you I predicted that". So here are some things that will happen in 2012:

  • Peyton Manning will be suited up in different colors in 2012 
  • Peyton Manning will play in Super Bowl XLVII
  • Justin Blackmon will run a 4.59 at the combine
  • Melvin Ingram will have 10 sacks as a rookie
  • Morris Claiborne will lead the Bucs with 6 INT
  • The Carolina Panthers will win 11 games
  • The Atlanta Falcons will not make the Playoffs
  • Arian Foster will rush for 1,800 yards
  • Lamar Miller will have more rushing yards than Trent Richardson
  • Tim Tebow will make the Pro Bowl
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars will make the Playoffs
  • Tim Tebow will have 60% completion percentage
  • Jason Pierre-Paul will have 20 sacks
  • Calvin Johnson will score 20 TDs
  • Andy Dalton will throw 30 TDs
  • LeGarrette Blount will rush for 1,400 yards
  • Ray Lewis will not break 90 tackles
  • Julius Peppers will not have 10 sacks
  • Andrew Luck will have more INT than TDs
  • Josh Freeman will have a 90 QB rating
  • The Houston Texans will win 14 games
  • Jay Cutler will throw for more yards than Ben Roethlisberger
  • A QB will not win the MVP Award
  • Courtney Upshaw will have 115 tackles
  • Chad Ochocinco will make the Pro Bowl......Just kidding that's too bold
  • Jimmy Graham will score more TDs than Gronk
  • Gronk's new TD dance will be mummy-looking dance he pulled off at the club
  • Wes Welker will not have 100 catches
  • Oakland will fire yet another unfortunate head coach
  • Detroit will make it to the NFC Championship
Well those are 30 bold predictions for 2012. Peyton playing for the Patiriots is not a bold prediction, just a funny picture. Give me some of your predictions or just make comments on mine. Thanks for reading.

-Ernie Simmons


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By Ernie Simmons
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3 years ago
Haha, I like it. This may get a few people going... my bold prediction is the Niners are this year's version of the Bears.
3 years ago

I think it's fun making predictions...people do get sensitive occasionally haha.
3 years ago

Lol, for sure. Good read!
3 years ago

I totally agree. I don't think they're going to make the playoffs.
3 years ago
Boo to the Atlanta Falcons not making the playoffs! =P
3 years ago
No RG III predictions? Agree with the Luck prediction and I really like Upshaw. He has a great motor but I think he will make his mark as a rookie getting to the quarterback with around 60-70 tackles.

Good predictions. Tebow's 60% completion percentage is actually the magic number for the rapture. Little fun fact.
3 years ago

Yea I was thinking about RGIII but it's hard enough predicting what team he is going to play for. If Tebow gets 60% it will be the end of the world to a lot of people that don't want him to be a success
3 years ago
I like the Jags in the playoffs. I know the Texans were injured this year, but it could be a weak division. If Mike Mularkey gets Gabbert going, they could be good enough for a division title.
3 years ago

The only spots they are really lacking are QB and WR. Hopefully Gabbert can take a big step in the offseason
3 years ago
Gabbert can't lead the jags to 4 more wins than this year n get in the wild card with 10 wins....mccown actually won the opener! Just not a huge believer in gabbert but I hope he proves me wrong....Go Jags!!!
3 years ago

Yea i know he does not seem like a franchise QB. Hopefully he proves everyone wrong but their season depends on him
3 years ago
Freddy will run for 2,000 yards!

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