2014 NFL Playoff Predictions: Seattle Seahawks to Win Super Bowl?

By Dave Holcomb
January 03, 2014 9:33 am
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Super Bowl XLVIII

Denver vs. Seattle

Denver let me down last season so hopefully Manning can come through this year. Seattle has consistently been the NFL’s best team and if both these teams make it to New York (cough, New Jersey) then it should be a great Super Bowl. It could very well be Manning’s last real chance at a second Super Bowl title.

Unlike so many of the potential playoff matchups, these two teams did not meet during the regular season and unlike the championship matches, it would be hard to find two teams that were more different in the NFL.

Seattle wants to play defense, pound the ball in the running game and scare teams with loud noises. Denver wants to outscore teams, gain 500 yards and scare opponents with four and five wide receiver sets.

It should be noted that the winter weather at Metlife Stadium would probably favor the Seahawks. In a snowy low scoring affair, one would expect Seattle to win its first championship. If the game becomes a shootout, the pendulum tips to Denver’s favor. The game may not be in front of the 12th man, but Seattle is the more complete, balanced team and is more suited to win a bad weather game. Seahawks win the city’s first championship since the SuperSonics in 1979. 

Seattle 24-20


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By Dave Holcomb
Senior Writer
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21 months ago
Great preview and I agree with most of it. I have the Saints beating the Eagles in a game ally can see going either way. I think Philly, Green Bay and San Diego have the best chancesto "bust people's brackets" but ultimately Seattle and Denver should make the Superbowl the have clearly been the two best this year. Go Hawks!
21 months ago

Thanks for the read and comment, Ryan! I really don't think New Orleans will win this week. I do agree that Green Bay could be dangerous with Aaron Rodgers back and San Diego could spoil Cincy if Dalton plays poorly. But again, the Bengals are so good at home.
21 months ago

Yeah should be interesting. As a Seahawks fan I HOPE NO wins so SF/GB/Car can beat each other up for another week. Ultimately the Eagles/Saints game is going to come down to which of these two things prevail, the Saints road woes or Brees against the 32nd ranked pass defense. I think this will be an entertaining game that I would not feel comfortable betting on.
21 months ago

Haha that's definitely for sure. If New Orleans comes into Seattle again next week, do you expect another blow out?
21 months ago

I expect a comfortable Seattle win. Maybe not as dominate as the Monday Night game earlier in the season though. I think what the Saints do best falls right into what Seattle does best which is defend the pass. If the Saints survive Philly I don't see them coming to Seattle and winning back to back road games.
20 months ago
The only thing that bothers me about your first round predictions is that they are too "predictable" given what a wild and wooly season this one has been. I have a feeling that at least one of the "underdogs" for this weekend will prevail big time. Forgetting about the KC- Indy game underway, my money for the unexpected would be with SD over Cincy, making Bengal fans wait at least one more year for a deep playoff run!

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