teddy bridgewater1. Teddy Bridgewater – Lousiville

Bridgewater disappointed many with a below average pro day, but nevertheless he’s still the best QB in the draft and can be a starter from Day 1. He’s technically sound, and has all the intangibles you look for in a franchise QB. 

Projection: Top 10


2. Blake Bortles – UCF

Bortles has made a lot of noise over the last few months. He had a great Combine and exhibits all the qualities that you look for in a franchise QB. Teams will be trading up to try and grab him. 

Projection: Top 10


3. Johnny Manziel – Texas A&M

Manziel is one of the biggest names to come out of college in recent memory, and carries some off the field baggage with him, but the kid is athletic, dynamic and nimble. He needs some work on his arm, but he has top 10 NFL QB potential.  

Projection: Top 15


4. Derek Carr – Fresno State 

Carr is an unorthodox QB who showed at the Combine that he’s more athletic than people think. He has a lot of experience and could potentially be a Day 1 starter. 

Projection: 1st Round – 2nd Round


5. Jimmy Garoppolo – Eastern Illinois

Garoppolo skyrocketed up the charts over the last few months thanks to a great Senior Bowl and a good combine. He’s not a Day 1 starter, but could start after this season for the right team. 

Projection: 2nd Round – 3rd Round


6. AJ McCarron – Alabama

McCarron has garnered a lot of criticism due to his potential in the NFL. He’s a technically sound smart QB, but how much better can he get? He’s a good backup right now, but he could be a starter one time. 

Projection: 3rd Round


7. David Fales – San Jose State 

Fales doesn’t have a big arm, but he’s smart with the football and is very accurate with passes within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage. He’s a good backup to have.

Projection: 3rd Round – 4th Round


8. Aaron Murray – Georgia

Murray tore his ACL, but is still one of the better QBs in the draft. He’ll be medically cleared before next season. Had he not been healthy, he could have easily been the 5th best QB in the draft. 

Projection: 4th Round


9. Zach Mettenberger – LSU

Mettenberger also tore his ACL, and considering his biggest strength is his arm, who knows if he’ll ever be 100% in that leg again. Either way, he’s a good backup to have and he’ll be medically cleared before next season. 

Projection: 4th Round


10. Brett Smith – Wyoming 

Smith is an underrated QB, who is very raw, but has good potential in the NFL. He’ll need to have a lot of coaching in the NFL, but he does have starter potential.

Projection: 4th Round – 5th Round


11. Tajh Boyd – Clemson 

Just a few months ago, Boyd was late 2nd round pick. Now he’s a late 5th round pick. He had a terrible finish to the season and was very underwhelming at the combine and Senior Bowl. He’s regressed… a lot.  

Projection: 5th Round – 6th Round


12. Logan Thomas – Virginia Tech

Thomas is an athletic freak (who could maybe play tight end in the NFL) and has a strong arm. He’s very raw, and is very inaccurate. However, with the right coaching, who knows what his ceiling is. 

Projection: 6th Round – 7th Round


13. Connor Shaw – South Carolina

Shaw showed at the combine that he’s more athletic than you think, but he lacks a good amount of experience and does not have a great arm. He’s a good backup to have, but he’s nothing more than that in the NFL. 

Projection: 7th Round – UFA


14. Keith Wanning – Ball State

Wanning has been making some noise the last few months. He’s not anything special, but he’s a pure passer and is technically sound. However, at the next level, he’s nothing more than a backup. 

Projection: 7th Round – UFA


15. Jordan Lynch – Northern Illinois

Lynch is a very exciting player, but he’s not a quarterback. I list him as a QB because that’s all he played in college, and who knows, maybe he’s a QB in the NFL, but right now, he would benefit from playing another position. He only has a chance of making a roster that utilizes a read option system. 

Projection: UFA