Sammy Watkins might have been the most dynamic player on the Draft board Thursday night. Great speed and the ability to stretch the field, solid hands and a hope that he can score whenever the ball is in his hands.

While he was expected to be chosen with the third pick in the Draft, it did not take long for the Clemson star to hear his name called from the green room.

Welcome to the NFL, Sammy. Welcome to Buffalo.

The Bills traded their ninth pick to Cleveland for their fourth overall selection, a first round pick in 2015 and other considerations for Watkins. Not a bad haul for the Browns and not a bad pick up for the Bills – a team that looks like it could be a franchise on the move upward.

Watkins, however, is only one player and is now expected to produce based on the huge deal made by the franchise. A passing attack of the Clemson rookie and Stevie Williams and Robert Woods to go along with EJ Manuel behind center and CJ Spiller running the football is a nice look in blue, red and white.

But it is only May and the NFL season is long.

Here are three reasons why this pick might backfire.

He is a receiver

Tell me outside of Calvin Johnson and Jerry Rice, how many receivers in this game change everything with each step they take? There may be too much pressure on this kid to produce – rather produce and put up Megatron numbers. Watkins is not a Johnson-like receiver.

Not elite at position

It has been said this position was one where quality could have been a pick made in the second round or even the third. The Bills need speed on the outside, but Watkins can separate, but he is not lightning fast. He tends to glide down the first and is not overly strong and able to break many tackles.

It’s Buffalo

Which is a hard sell to any player. Can Watkins take what he accomplished in the college game and let it translate to success in the NFL. Also, is Watkins a true No. 1 receiver and how will he fair against hard-hitting secondaries in Miami and New York?