When I look at Khalil Mack, I see a more intense version of Wilbur Marshall. For those of you who are old enough to remember the former Florida, Bears and Redskins great, he was a terror and great defensive player.

The same could be said for Mack, a player who the NFL knew everything about and were waiting to see if the player who played for a small college and hits like Jack Lambert will be the best athlete taken in the Draft.

We shall wait and see.

Oakland may have been the perfect fit for the outside linebacker/defensive end? A player with speed to burn on a team that needs some life in its pass rush, Mack instantly makes this defense better. We aren’t building him up, it just becomes a fact. The team needs youth, exuberance and players who play with heart. That might be the best way to describe the play of Mack.

And of course, with the excitement of a player with his size and speed, there comes the reality that the small school wonder may not be the best fit here. These are three reasons why Mack could bust on the west coast.


Everyone talks about the “one” game that defines Mack. In the season opener against Ohio State, Mack was a beast in a loss to the Buckeyes. But that does not make him a total package. The film tape was good, but he was also very dominant on a small school level. Can that dominance – where he was a man playing with boys – translate into stopping running backs and sacking quarterbacks.

Inside or Outside?

Where to play him. A lot like Jadeveon Clowney, who does not fit the scheme of the Houston Texans, Mack is a bit of a confusion. Does he play outside on the line as an edge rusher or with a hand on the ground? Does he stand up and taunt the quarterback or does he play in the middle? There is no real place for him that would define him.

Aaron Curry

A few years ago, the linebacker was the most can’t miss player in the Draft. Now, he is out of football. The comparisons have been made, but Mack is the better overall player. I want to see him consistently get 10 tackles and a sack each game to dispel the myths that may follow him this season.