The 2014 NFL Combine is over. There were few surprises. No matter how much they tried the story remained about football players. 

We suspected that Texas A&M stud Johnny Manziel may have stretched the truth about his height. But did we know that the University of Louisville's ball handler, Teddy Bridgewater, was passing with small hands?

We suspected that South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney was an athletic marvel. But who knew that Auburn's Dee Ford was such a wordsmith? Having declared himself better than Clowney, who he proclaimed played like "a blind dog in a meat market." Ford did not participate in the Combine being scratched by the medical staff.

For the football players the Combine is about elevating your draft status. Some did, others did not. 

The NFL Combine is about athleticism. It will make a difference in the draft stock of some players. There are always winners and losers. Here are five of the winners and losers coming out of the NFL Combine.