5. Brandin Cooks WR New Orleans Saints

The Saints made an aggressive move to go up and get Cooks in the 1st round this year.  Cooks should be able to replace two players for the saints for the price of one, Lance Moore is gone as is Darren Sproles which opens up an opportunity.  Throw in Sean Payton's creativity as a play caller and having Drew Brees throwing for 5,000 yards a season should leave plenty opportunities for Cooks to thrive in New Orleans. 

4. Tre Mason RB St Louis Rams

Last year Zac Stacy emerged as the Rams top back, but he got banged up a lot.  Mason is a well bult runner who should be able to carry the load and take pressure off of Sam Bradford.  Given his draft status and resume of being the lead player on a team that competed for a Nation Championship, expect Mason to grab the starting job and run with it. 

3. Eric Ebron TE Detroit Lions

Ebron a top ten talent comes to a team that already has Matthew Stafford, Reggie Bush, Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate?  I don't envy any defensive coordinator trying to design a game plan to slow this group down, because it would seem almost impossible to stop.  If that's not enough to like Ebron, their new head coach Jim Caldwell helped run the Indianapolis Colts offense whiched was able to include a highly productive tight end with two 1,000 yard receivers.

2. Sammy Watkins WR Buffalo Bills

Considering the Bills gave up next year's 1st round pick to land Watkins, he better amke this list to justify the trade.  The top wide receiver from last year Steve Johnson was traded to the San Francisco 49ers, so there should be no favorites for Watkins to overcome.  His skill setalso lends to him getting a guaranteed handful of touches in every game making him particularly valuable in a PPR league.

1. Bishop Sankey RB Tennessee Titans

Sankey was the first running back selected in the draft this year and compares favorably to last years top back Giovani Bernard in more ways than one.  Sankey may be the most versatile of the rookie running backs providing receiving ability in addition to his rushing skills.  Like Watkins, his value really goes up in a PPR league with his dual threat ability.