WortNow that the 2013 NFL Draft has come and gone, there are  a lot of players who missed the opportunity to hear their names called.

For the Tennessee Titans, they are still trying to find players to fill the holes they have on the roster. 

Here is a list of the 2013 undrafted free agents of the Tennessee Titans.

Jack Doyle, Western Kentucky, TE - 6'5" 255 pounds 

Tom Wort, Oklahoma, LB - 6'0", 235 pounds

Jonathan Willard, Clemson, LB - 6'2", 225 pounds

Matt Pierce, Valdosta State, CB - 5'10", 200 pounds

Dontel Watkins, Murray State, WR - 6'2", 195 pounds

Stefphon Jefferson, Nevada, RB - 5'11", 213 pounds

Oscar Johnson, Louisiana Tech, OL - 6'5", 331 pounds

Eloy Atkinson, UTEP, C - 6'3", 315 pounds

Rashad Ross, Arizona State, WR - 6'0", 174 pounds

Stefan Charles, Regina Rams (CAN), DL - 6'5", 310 pounds

Nigel Nicholas, Oklahoma State, DL - 6'3", 269 pounds

Matt Sewell, McMaster, OT - 6'7", 337 pounds

Travis Harvey, Texas A&M, WR - 6'2", 180 pounds

George Baker, South Florida, CB - 5'10", 185 pounds


This is the current list of undrafted free agent moves the Tennessee Titans have made. Whilst not all these players will make even the practice squad, there are a few to pay close attention to.

Valdosta State corner, Matt Pierce, is a player who shows great versatility being both a cover corner and a potential safety with his physicality. He is a hard hitter and can come into the box on run plays and help make the stop. One of the more physical secondary players left on the UDFA market.

Tom Wort, linebacker from Oklahoma, is also another player to watch. Whilst the Titans draft Zaviar Gooden, Wort can win this battle in training camp. He has great straight line speed and can tackle with great mechanics. He has the potential to be an edge rushing 4-3 linebacker.

Dontel Watkins of Murray State is a receiver who can come in and help the Titans as a vertical threat. The former track and field star has some serious speed and the height to get over the top of the defense. Watkins also has decent hands, he can push for a roster spot and can be an improvement over Damian Williams.

But the player who can make the most noise of all the UDFA moves the Titans have made will be DL, Stefan Charles. The big-bodied Canadian is a serious athlete at his size. A fast man at 310 pounds, he can get to the ball carrier in the back field and has made a lot of teams envious that he went to Tennessee when he had several other suitors making plays, such as St.Louis and Denver.

With the Titans adding depth at tight end, this has become a make or break season for SMU, 2012 5th rounder - Taylor Thompson. Thompson has shown great ability at getting separation but his hands have all too often let  him down. The Addition of Jack Doyle of Western Kentucky is a move to challenge Thompson into unleashing his true potential, he has all the attributes, he just needs to work on his hands.