They won a Super Bowl, signed their quarterback to a long-term deal and then the bottom fell out. The Baltimore Ravens have been a team of ups and downs this off season.

Ray Lewis retired, Ed Reed became a Texan and other defensive stars left for bigger deals. 

It always happen when it comes to free agency and greed. 

The Baltimore Ravens dusted themselves off, and faced the NFL Draft with the hope of rebuilding their successful franchise. In Ozzie Newsome fashion, the rebirth has begun. When you start out the draft with both Matt Elam and Arthur Brown and provide depth through out the weekend, you know this team knows how to draft.

They also know something about finding stars after the draft. The Ravens signed 11 college players who hope they can hoist the Lombardi Trophy this season.

Jeff Braun, OL (West Virginia)

Matt Furstenburg, TE (Maryland)

Nate Stanley, QB (Southeast Louisiana)

Trent Steelman, QB/WR (Army)

Roger Gaines, LT (Tennessee State)

Gerrard Shepard, WR (Towson)

Will Pericak, DE (Colorado)

Murphy Holloway, TE (Mississippi)

Jordan Devey, OL (Memphis)

Brynden Trawick, DB (Troy)

Brandon Copeland, DE/OLB (Pennsylvania)

Of this class, we can see how the Ravens are concentrating on adding depth and speed. I am surprised someone like Matt Furstenburg wasn't drafted. For a guy who had 4.61 speed and is a nice target, he should fit nicely into the Ravens offensive attack. 

Brandon Copeland is also a name to keep an eye on. At 6'2" and 265 pounds, he can be used as a rush end or as a linebacker. Admittedly, he did not play against the best competition, but as a Penn grad, he is smart and should be able to learn the defensive scheme fairly quickly.