There are a lot of NFL fans and experts that are so confident that Kevin Kolb would look great in a Jets uniform. The Jets have gambled a lot recently and can't afford to make anymore mistakes on who they chose as a Quarterback in 2013.  The signing of David Garrard is questionable and it isn't clear what role he will play.

Kevin Kolb is still a gamble, still unproven and very raw and by that, I don't mean raw talent.  The Cardinals jumped on Kolb and it was easy to tell from the start that Arizona was just not the right fit for him. Kolb was over-hyped and under protected; he had a few solid games in Philly behind a superior offensive line and he couldn't stay healthy in 2012, mainly due to being sacked numerous times per game. The worst part is how his failure in Arizona was stemmed by a mental block. This was kicked off during the preseason in August 2012 when the Raiders Tommy Kelly called him out saying "that boy is scared".  This comment exposed Kolb in the media but to look at the facts it started to appear to have some truth to it. Kolb never fully overcame this and spent most of 2012 injured and outplayed.  Any athlete that can't overcome a mental block will ruin their career faster than you can say Ryan Leaf.    If Kolb can shake off the injuries and the fear; he could really help a team out; just not the New York Jets as everyone seems to keep talking abut. 

I feel that the best fit for Kevin Kolb at this point in his career is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The Bucs have invested a lot in their offensive line and truth be told, this line has helped Josh Freeman look better than he actually is.  Freeman is on the hot seat as he just couldn't get over the hump to a Top 10 Quarterback as so many hoped he could. When you think of clutch quarterbacks, Freeman is never in the conversation. The most important aspect of my argument is that Kolb would find such a benefit under Bucs Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan who has worked with Eli Manning. 

Now for the interesting part; the Bucs now have former Cardinals QB Coach John McNulty on their staff as the QB coach.  If Kolb didn't succeed under McNulty's guidance before, why is this time different?   McNulty wanted to coach for the Bucs last season but the Cardinals wouldn't let him out of his contract.  McNulty thought a lot of Kolb and is now amongst friends with the Bucs coaching staff. This confidence boost for McNulty will give him more leeway to do his thing, the confidence is sure to pour over to Kolb. Even if Freeman once again is named the Buccaneers starter for the start of the 2013 season, Kolb would be a very competent back up and quite frankly, this is where I think he belongs for now. With Kolb waiting in the wings, this has to give a lot of confidence to the coaching staff and to Kolb who needs a fresh start on a completely different atmosphere than he has been in before.  This is Kolb's chance to reset and give a team what they need in many aspects.  This is a win-win for both Kolb and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.