Height: 6'1
Weight: 200
Position: Wide Receiver
College: Clemson
Class: Junior

College Production / Stats

In his freshman season in 2010, Hopkins finished 10th in the ACC in pass receptions with 52, while finishing as the Tigers leading receiver with 637 receiving yards, 12.3 yards per reception and four touchdowns. In his sophomore season in 2011, Hopkins finished fifth in the ACC in receptions with 72, fourth in the ACC in receiving yards with 978, and ninth in the ACC receiving touchdowns with five.

Hopkins' junior season was by far his best as he finished second in the ACC with 82 pass receptions, first in the ACC and fourth in the NCAA  in receiving yards with 1,405, and first in the ACC and second in the NCAA in receiving touchdowns with 18.


Hopkins' greatest asset at Clemson was his speed and his ability to get down the field quickly and to catch passes in stride and score points. If Hopkins can beat his defender catches the ball and finds open space on the field he will make teams pay. In 2012, Hopkins had five games where his longest catch of the game was 58 yards or more and had 10 touchdowns that were of 30 yards or more.

As his 82 receptions in 2012 would suggest, Hopkins has good hands and has a good chance of catching a majority of the passes that come his way. Hopkins is also willing to jump in the air or stretch his body out in an attempt to pull in a pass.


In plays involving short passes or screens Hopkins lacks the moves to beat defenders and get the ball down the field. Additionally, Hopkins does have a tendency to be unable to make a play when he is unable to shake his defender, has his defender stay with him going down the field, or in double team situations. Lastly, Hopkins occasionally is late to get off the line of scrimmage at the snap of the ball and fails to stay with plays when the ball is not being thrown to him.

Draft Day:

Hopkins has good skills to build on and could be drafted as early as the late first round or as late as the beginning of the second round.

 If he is taken in the mid-to-late part of the first round Minnesota, who traded Percy Harvin this offseason and have two picks in the first round, and Houston, who is looking for a good second receiver, could be good choices. If he falls into the second round Arizona would be a good choice as they need talent if they are going to successfully overhaul their offense.

NFL Comparison:

Hopkins compares well to Tampa Bay's Vincent Jackson who is 6'5 and 230 pounds but still finds a way to get down field in a hurry and haul in the deep pass.