The season is close to being over and for some teams it can't come any faster. They will await the NFL draft to try and improve for next season.

There are five teams that have a shot at getting the top pick but to me there are two specific teams that have the best shot at getting the the number one pick, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I know many people are thinking why not the Kansas City Chiefs? But they play their next two games are against the Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders and both are very winnable games which I think they will indeed get the wins in both games. 

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are currently on an 8 game losing streak and have just made the move to finish the season with their rookie QB Nick Foles. He has shown some things and then turns around and makes mistakes. The Eagles have DeSean Jackson on the injured reserved, LeSean McCoy is out, and Vick was told they would be heading a different direction the rest of the season, which may be hinting to the end of his time in Philly.

That's a lot of fire power missing from that lineup and is being sorely missed. The Eagles scheduled won't be getting any easier to finish the season out either. This week they go up against the hot Tampa Bay Buccaneers, followed by Cincinnati, Washington, and the New York Giants, all quality opponents that will give the Eagles a tuff time. I see the Eagles finishing this year on a 12 game losing streak finishing the season with only 3 wins. If the Chiefs get the two wins the next two weeks like I predict they will this will have the Eagles sitting at the 2nd or the worst record in the NFL.

The Eagles need to desperately improve that offensive line and the QB position if they decide Vick's time is up in Philadelphia.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are setting at 2-10 right now and are tied for the worst record in the league right now with the Kansas Chiefs. Their starting QB Blaine Gabbert has been placed on the season ending injured reserve with a shoulder injury and it seems like they just can't put anything together.

They finally ended a 7 game losing streak two weeks back when the beat a below average Titans team just to turn around and lose again. Their remaining schedule consist of the New York Jets, Miami, New England, and Tennessee. The only two teams I see them maybe beating are the Jets and the Titans. At this point it seems as though the players have given up and will be lucky if they get another win this season.

It seems as though Gabbert was not the right fit in Jacksonville and will need to look for another QB for the future and some weapons for him to throw to.