2013 NFL Draft Quarterback Class: Nobody Worth A 1st Round Pick

By Joshua Coffee
February 23, 2013 6:44 am
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The 2013 NFL Draft quarterback class has a lot of question marks.  The main question is if any of the quarterbacks are worth a first round pick.  I, personally, don’t think so. 

A year ago, Matt Barkley would have most likely been the second or third quarterback taken in the Draft.  However, he decided to stay one more year at USC and led them to a 7-6 record. 

There are some teams in need of a quarterback right now, the Chiefs, the Jaguars and Cardinals all come to mind.  But, there are a number of free agent passers who are much better and more ready to play than this batch of college quarterbacks.

I, personally, would not draft any of the quarterbacks in this class in the first round.  None of them are ready to play in the NFL right now.  But that won’t stop teams from drafting them in the first round in April.

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By Joshua Coffee
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2 years ago
I agree with the premise of your article. But like you said, that won't stop teams from drafting some of these guys in the first round.

What's the over-under on the number of QBs that will actually be drafted in Round 1 this year?
2 years ago

I'm with you agrees, but I think 3-4 will be taken - Smith, Manuel and Barkley or Glennon.
2 years ago

Two, maybe three. But if someone takes E.J. Manuel in the 1st Round, I'll be very surprised. Geno Smith will go first. Teams will get scared that they'll screw up like they did last year. I bet the Chiefs wish they had taken Russell Wilson with the 11th pick last year. It's hit or miss. Some teams always screw up on draft days. Look at the Bengals in the 1990s.
2 years ago
I agree with you guys - this QB class is terrible. Hopefully a couple of teams reach on one, though, so Joeckel falls to my Cards.
2 years ago

After the Combine, Joeckel may be available for the Cards, and they may pass.

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