The 2013 NFL Draft quarterback class has a lot of question marks.  The main question is if any of the quarterbacks are worth a first round pick.  I, personally, don’t think so. 

A year ago, Matt Barkley would have most likely been the second or third quarterback taken in the Draft.  However, he decided to stay one more year at USC and led them to a 7-6 record. 

There are some teams in need of a quarterback right now, the Chiefs, the Jaguars and Cardinals all come to mind.  But, there are a number of free agent passers who are much better and more ready to play than this batch of college quarterbacks.

I, personally, would not draft any of the quarterbacks in this class in the first round.  None of them are ready to play in the NFL right now.  But that won’t stop teams from drafting them in the first round in April.