The NFL regular season is complete, which means for the 20 teams out of the playoffs, the next thing to look forward to is the Draft in April. 

This will be the first time in franchise history that the Chiefs own the No. 1 overall pick.

The Washington Redskins will be the only team without a first round draft pick due to the trade with the St. Louis Rams last year that wound up landing them Robert Griffin III.

Slots No. 21-32 will be determined as the NFL playoffs unfold.

Here is how the Top 20 draft order looks:

1Kansas City214 0.516
2Jacksonville214 0.539
3Oakland412 0.469
4Philadelphia412 0.508
5Detroit412 0.566
6Cleveland511 0.508
7Arizona511 0.559
8Buffalo610 0.480
9NY Jets610 0.512
10Tennessee610 0.512
11San Diego79 0.457
12Miami79 0.500
13Tampa Bay79 0.502
14Carolina79 0.516
15New Orleans79 0.521
16St. Louis7810.539
17Pittsburgh88 0.465
18Dallas88 0.523
19NY Giants97 0.521
20Chicago106 0.512