Geno Smith With the Kansas City Chiefs having the No. 1 pick in this year’s Draft, I would like to run down some possible options on what the Chiefs can do in this upcoming Draft.

The offseason for the Chiefs has been a success in my book.

They have added a lot of new talent and now have been in talks to be in the running for an AFC West championship. The only thing that needs to finish is the NFL Draft. The Chiefs have the first pick and have many ways to use it.

Many things I’ve seen people say is they will go after Luke Joeckel with the first pick. My take on that is that it could be a great fit or not. The way Andy Reid runs his offense is more of a "pass heavy" team and could help out the Chiefs with the new addition of Alex Smith.

The only down side I see with the pick is the risk of not getting something "big", and what I mean by that is they also have the option of trading the pick further down the board. If they can trade the pick down and get either more picks for next year’s Draft or get more picks further down, I feel like they can work around more talent on that team.

I am still seeing people talk about the possibility of draft West Virginia QB, Geno Smith. Now with the addition of Alex Smith, and Chase Daniel over the offseason I don’t feel like they will add another quarterback that early in the Draft, but you never know.

I really like what I’m seeing from Joeckel and I think that he is the right pick for the Chiefs and could be a huge threat for the AFC for years to come. With Branden Albert on the right side and Joeckel on the left makes more moves to come for Kansas City and now can make more huge moves in free agency and even the Draft.

One last thing that I think that the Cheifs should do is try to find a trade partner and make a deal with a later 1st round pick and try to get a 2nd round pick as well. To me if they pull of a trade in the Draft I could call it a success. It will be hard, but it will be worth it. 

Players I like in the Draft for the Chiefs: Dion Jordan, Dee Milliner, Eric FisherChance Warmack, Tavon Austin, and Geno Smith

I really think at the end of the day the Chiefs have a great shot at drafting an offensive linemen. No matter what I think that the Chiefs will come out with a great draft a possibility a great season.