I firmly believe that the reason for the Jaguars woeful season was not the play at quarterback. It was from what happened in the first quarter of the sixth game of the season.

When Maurice Jones-Drew was tackled by Oakland defensive lineman Tommy Kelly, the season, no matter how bleak, was lost for good.

No quarterback could have envisioned losing a star running back like that and having to shoulder the burden of a lackluster team on their shoulders like that Not Blaine Gabbert. Not Chad Henne. Not even Mark Brunell.

As the Jaguars prepare for the NFL Draft tomorrow, there will come a time when it is in the middle of the selection process, maybe the fourth round. There might be Mike Gillislee from Florida or Joseph Randle of Oklahoma State waiting, just begging to be selected. Knowing the team is still waiting on Jones-Drew, who may not be ready for action or practice until August, does this team pull the trigger on taking another running back?

The Jaguars signed Texans back-up Justin Forsett to a free agent contract in the offseason to do the same thing in Jacksonville. Should MJD, who led the NFL in rushing in 2011, not be able to start the season behind Blaine Gabbert (or whoever is named the starter), Forsett should get the nod.

While this team is beset with question marks about positions, running back is not the most crucial. This could be more of an issue should the Jaguars reach earlier than expected and pull a rabbit out of its hat.

It could happen and no one seems to be talking about it. Every position (sans special teams, wide receiver) is in need of help. Running back is no different. Forsett showed signs of greatness from time to time last season. He could be a great find for this team.

But until the team knows exactly what is happening with their leader and the best player on the field, running back could be very much in play come Thursday night.