JoeckelThe 2013 NFL Draft has started. And the Jacksonville Jaguars' new GM and coach have made their statement. 

It is a defensive coach making a bold offensive statement. 

The Jaguars choose left tackle Luke Joeckel from Texas A&M.

Joeckel is 6'6" and 306 pounds. A consensus No. 1 pick until the NFL Combine, Joeckel's play on film lives up to the hype. 

He had 39 career starts. His durability will not be in question. 

Joeckel has blocked for both a pocket quarterback and a mobile quarterback. 

He was not responsible for a sack against the blitz last season. Joeckel is NFL ready. He is excellent in both the run game and the pass game. Joeckel gives the Jaguars' offense an identity. He will slide seamlessly into the offensive line. 

Joeckel will be Maurice Jones-Drew's best friend. Blaine Gabbert should feel the pressure to excel. 

The Jaguars are filled with need. This pick seem to signify the Jaguars will remain at least for one more year with quarterback Blaine Gabbert. 

Whether that is good or bad remains to be seen. As the team has insisted they are remaining with the quarterbacks they have, so this is an excellent pick.

The Jaguars have six picks remaining. They have started out with a bold statement. The offense matters. Rebuilding starts with pieces that are currently on the roster while adding substantial pieces.

Joeckel will make an immediate impact. 

It is a good start for the new regime.  Joeckel at pick number two is a fresh start for a new general manager and new coach. 

It is now time for Gabbert to live up to this pick.