1) OLB Dion Jordan (Oregon)

The should see an immediate improvement bye the first week of pre-season.  The Dolphins defense has been needing a fast pass rusher for years, and one that can also take command of the team while on the field, ala Ray Lewis.

Jordan will become an immediate disturbance on pass rushing downs, as he has east to west agility, and sees the opening to every lane, whether be a running play or disrupting passing lanes.  He's also very good in zone coverages and can guard the tight ends stride for stride on in both short and long zone packagers.

The Dolphins are a team looking to quickly rebuild, and Dion Jordan is an excellent place to start.

2)  CB  Jamar Taylor (Boise State)

The Dolphins are hurting within their secondary, but some of that hurt was eliminated when the team acquired CB Brent Grimes from the Atlanta Falcons.  Despite adding Grimes and his great defense against opposing past offensive pans.  Taylor is almost the same in every area of the game, he gives the Dolphins two potential shutdown corners, not forgetting to mention both can deliver a hard hit.  Thus, the Dolphins drafted two 1st round selections while only using two second round picks.

3)  OT Dallas Thomas  (Tennessee)

After causing somewhat of an uproar over not making picks to rebuild the offensive line, the Dolphins selected a solid offensive lineman Dallas Thomas.  Thomas is very agile for his size, he can play any position within the offensive line.  The Dolphins are currently attempting to get to obtain OL Branden Albert for the Chiefs.  Word just cam in that this deal is indeed "dead," so the Chiefs will move Fisher to RT and Albert to LT.  Thus Thomas will be moved inside to one of the guard positions and QB Alex Smith and Cedric Benson should have a career year as a result.

4)  LB Jelani Jenkins (Florida)

The Dolphins interior third of it's defense needs help and gets some much needed interior depth at linebacker.  Jenkins could become a starter if the current rotation doesn't start to get it's act together.  He will primarily be used within their special teams units, regardless Jenkins will become an impactful players and a starter 2-3 years from now.

4)  TE Dion Sims (Michigan State)

The Jets apparently felt an eventual replacement of Dustin Keller, but in all likelihood, by the time Keller is let go by the team and/or is released, Sims will either still fighting to stay off the practice squad.  Sims has a good set of skills and could start his first game once ether Keller goes down to an injury or throws in the towel.  In a likelihood, outside of special teams, I doubt he will get many looks.

5)  RB Mike Gillislee (Florida)

An average football player, with good size and speed, but that where the puckered talk ends.  While at Florida, Gillislee he could outrun his opponents, but the one's he couldn't out run laid into him like a piece of T-Bone steak.  He can get you yards, but once he takes a good pop (college level) he would be down at least 2 offensive series before he would renter the game.  Now it's the NFL level, the big time, and here you cant just fold up after getting drilled.  Even on special teams I dislike his frame and ability to take a big hit, and don't feed me his college stats, we are talking the NFL now, the best of the best.  No way he last at this level for too long.a

5)  K Caleb Sturgis (Florida)

Sturgis was a great find this deep into the 5th round.  He's clearly, hands down, the best kicker this season and has not peaked, both of which are excellent for the Dolphins.  The Dolphins have revamped this team in just one offseason and made the right choices to keep this team in team site until the end.  Sturgis is also fun to watch on kickoffs, during night game he would get so much elevation he would yell "TIMBER," and players from both team would look up while taking a protective stance.  I expect this kid to be the starter heading into training camp and be very comfortable for years to come.

7)  S  Don Jones (Arkansas State)

Roster fodder, either placed on the practice squad or released.

Overall:  B+