Geno Smith The New York Jets have a flare for the dramatics in every aspect of football; except for the field of play itself.

With a surprising move, the New York Jets have drafted West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith.

Smith (who threw 42 touchdowns for West Virginia last season) was projected to the the No. 1 quarterback taken in the draft.

However the Jets have another QB on the roster; the one thing they had plenty of.

Now what should they do?

In terms of roster movement, the Jets need to get rid of Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. The drafting of Smith has all but guaranteed the demise of Mark Sanchez. (Heck the releasing of Tim Tebow should've happened months ago.)

There is no need for Sanchez to be on the roster. He represented the Mike Tannenbaum era of the Jets. The team has moved on to John Idzik and with it an new era of Jets football. To be honest, Idzik will be treated as a hero in the eyes of Jets fans; he managed to find a replacement for Revis and Sanchez in the first two rounds of the draft.

After releasing Sanchez and Tebow, Geno Smith needs to be told that he will not start this year. The Jets have no chance of winning this season; absolutely none. What's the point of putting Geno Smith into the heat of battle right now; especially when the battle is a suicide mission!!!

The Jets signed David Garrard in the beginning of the off season. Have Garrard be the starter this season where he can mentor Geno Smith.

When Garrard was in his prime, he had a similar style of play to Geno Smith. Both quarterbacks have a strong arm and can run the football when possible. I believe Garrard is the perfect QB to mentor Smith for a year or two. Having Greg Mcelroy on the bench as the backup is the best move right now. There is no reason to start Geno Smith this year. He needs to be the third-string quarterback.

Next the Jets need to build up an offensive line. Smith had trouble towards the end of the season fumbling the football. The Jets do not need another “butt fumble” moment on the SportsCenter not Top 10.

The signing of offensive tackle Willie Colon was a good move by the Jets. If he can prove himself healthy this season (after tearing his triceps last season), Colon could prove to be a good signing for years to come.

The Jets need to look at the draft this year and next year for offensive line help. There are some great prospects coming up in the next few years. This will be the true test for the Jets' scouts; how can they protect Geno Smith?

Aside from offensive line help, the Jets need a receiving and running corps. The ground can not be the primary receiver for the Jets every year. I believe the Jets should draft a wide receiver this year and a running back next year.

Wide receivers become better with experience. Having a wide receiver learn the Jets' offensive system will be key. Running backs become worse with age. The prime of a running back's career is Year 1 through Year 6 or 7 (if lucky.) Drafting a running back next year will ensure another year of success to come for the Jets. (Though I guess they'll have to find success in the first place.)

Yes I believe Geno Smith will be a great QB. However the Jets need to be smart and not put him on the field right away. If they develop and build around him, Smith will be great! If not, the Jets will be looking for another QB in 2014.