2013 NFL Draft: Full 7 Round Predictions For All 32 Teams

By Alex Whiteman
February 09, 2013 2:35 pm
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After the Baltimore Ravens thrust themselves into football immortality, it is now time for college football's finest to step into the footprints left by their predecessors.

From Texas A&M's Luke Joeckel, to West Virginia's Geno Smith, this new breed of NFL player will be sure to entertain fans for years to come. After rookies this year such as Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Doug Martin revolutionized their position, players that once did not have a place in the NFL, now do.

Rookies such as Alfred Morris have shown that despite what round you are drafted in, even in the modern day, you can still become the best rookie at your position. 

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By Alex Whiteman
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2 years ago
Did you play football Alex?
2 years ago

I do currently now, yes
2 years ago
You're naive, man,and have no clue about the Texans'needs...1.NT 2.ILB 3.TE, they just drafted a SWR &Slot receiver last year,they don't make throwaway picks. Posey sat out 2011after being projected as a #1. Lester Jean is an Andre Johnson clone and Keyshawn Martin will come around after a sub-par rookie season with a few drops.
Brandon Harris and Roc Carmichael will both be excellent corners now with 3 years in the system.
Kareem Jackson took 3years and now is a lockdown corner,outplaying. Jonathan Joseph.
People forget. Cushing is the heart and soul of the defense,put a stud NT and ILB in with him and the Texans return to a top defense.
2 years ago

Lester Jean is Andre Johnson's clone? He's not even second behind Andre on the depth chart. Posey wasn't even in the NFL in 2011, and I doubt the Texans think Martin will "come around". I believe that they will final jump on a wde receiver early. They don't have much other pressing needs. And as I said about Martin, I don't think in the NFL, players get three years to show their talent. They want guys that can jump in there and perform, such as Arizona's Patrick Peterson, Dallas's Morris Claiborne, or St. Louis's Janoris Jenkins. And despite being in the fifth round, Mauti is one of the best inside linebackers in this draft, and could end up being the very best, if it were not for some injury concerns.
2 years ago
aw geeze,you're. a kid! Study hard,play football. Mock drafts are not your strong suit
2 years ago

As far as mock drafts not being my strong suit, no offense intended toward you, but I don't appreciate that. I take what I do seriously, and if you don't agree with certain selections, I would consider voicing then individually then attacking what I work hard to do every day. Thanks.
2 years ago
With your Atlanta Falcons picks....

1st round I agree with whichever tight end is left. The Falcons will draft

2nd round. There are better fits that you have going later to other teams including Margus Hunt from SMU you have going to the 3rd to the Packers.

3rd I see the Falcons taking an outside linebacker. Remember at running back. We have Rogers and an underused Snelling. He is the same back as turner with the ability to catch out of the backfield and a nice motor. Even if we miss later in the draft, Snelling will be no worse than turner.

4th I think this will be a defensive tackle, so you might be spot on

5th. NOT EVEN CLOSE... The Falcons have Peter Konz who will slide over and play center. They also have two (6'7 and 6'8) tackles who will slide into position. They will take another tackle. At this spot, I expect them to take another defensive lineman.

6th. They should take a running back in this spot. A big guy who can help with short distances and become a powerback

7th. The Falcons will take a project offensive lineman. A big guy who is raw but has an upside

We also have 2 comp. picks where we should take another end and maybe a corner/saftey

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