2013 NFL Draft: Five Trade Opportunities For Draft Day

By Joshua Coffee
February 27, 2013 3:20 pm
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Every year a slew of teams make an effort to move up in the Draft to get the player that they want. It happened in 2012 when Washington and St. Louis made a trade so that the Redskins could draft Robert Griffin III.

Sometimes it can blow up in people's face, like San Diego trading up one spot in 1998 to draft Ryan Leaf. However it can also work well for teams, like when Jacksonville traded up with the Bills to draft Fred Taylor, also in 1998.

Now that it looks like the Kansas City Chiefs have acquired Alex Smith in a trade from the 49ers, it is very unlikely for them to draft a quarterback with the first overall pick. So what do do? I say they trade that pick to make up for the 2nd round pick they lost to San Francisco.

 Here are five trade opportunities that could benefit some teams.

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By Joshua Coffee
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2 years ago
Okay, I'm all in with this!!! Hope it actually happens and the Jags actually play the man. That would be a great move for them, but you just never know how these guys work.
2 years ago

The Jets are enough to suck the life out of anyone. I don't care how bad Tebow's mechanics are, the guy is a winner.
2 years ago
I would like to see Belichick trade Mallett while the getting is good. Th QBs are weak this year, the Patriots need draft picks, they could package him with Arrington who hasn't fit into the system, and then they could target help where it is needed most- on defense.
2 years ago
I hope KC can't get a deal done so they waste another first rounder on a d-line bust. There's a reason they call it "Misery," Andy Reid.

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