AnsahWhich Ezekiel Ansah are the Detroit Lions getting? Are they getting the player who started only nine games in his college career?

Are they getting the player who the Lions are hoping will replace Cliff Avril and his dominance in the NFC the past two seasons.

Will the real Ansah please stand up.

The height at 6’5” and weight of 271 pounds is just what the Lions need. The motor is there as well. But the NFL is game of bigger, better, more -- and the idea of a player still developing on a team that needs to take a large step forward on defense may make this team rethink its choice.

There are many reasons why Ansah “could” succeed in the NFL.  But there are just as many reasons why he could be a total bust.

He lacks an elite first-step quickness off the snap. Most defensive linemen have that sudden burst off the snap. “Ziggy” will have to learn that.

Ansah uses his speed to his advantage, but there are times when he relies too much on it. If a bigger, stronger offensive tackle gets a hold of him, it will tie him up, which will make him rely on his technique to get away from opponents.

Also, he allows his pad level to rise and can be pushed back in the running game. The Lions defense play twice a year against runners like Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte and Michael Bush. That is something he must address as soon as he gets to camp.

And if all of this makes you question if Ansah will be successful, take into account that he has only played football since 2010 and has just one season as a starter.

The Lions thought enough of him, where he has drawn comparisons to Jason Pierre-Paul to take a chance on him.