Marcus LattimoreI just have to start out by saying that the analysts we endured this weekend seemed more concerned with proving how much they could pontificate than they were with just giving us good, solid coverage of the draft process.

There were several occasions where they talked right through draft picks, apparently trying to impress us with their analytical abilities, while losing track of the current pick multiple times.

Mike Mayock had to ask at least three times who got picked! I'm not sure what his contribution was for most of the weekend.

Here are 10 examples of football's eminent analysts saying the darnedest things:

1. Steve Cyphers of ESPN was lucid enough to inform us that "the guys here (in the Bay Area) understand that Marcus Lattimore is a football player." And I thought this was the PGA Draft.

2. But leave it to Jon Gruden to lead off the weekend with the statement that "the tackles are the best prospects in this draft." Huh? Perhaps Jon is unaware that there is no shortage of talent at both the cornerback and safety positions, as well as, receiver and DE/LB. I guess he is entitled to his opinion...

3. Chris Berman soon followed that assessment with the idea that Joe Namath might be able to help (with the Jets' picks). I wonder where he pulled that out of...

4. I'm not sure what Berman was going for when he commented about the 31st pick that they had only 10 seconds to discuss the pick... so here's the pick. Great comment Chris.

5. Rich Eisen was in his own world when he made this comment about Tim Krumfie's slaughtering of Bernard Giovani's name: "Tim Krumrie doesn't speak Italian." Okay.

And a moment of comic relief:

Eisen also provided the funniest clip when he said: "Maybe Barkley will go with this pick because the Jets are on the clock." I don't care who you are...

6. Speaking of the Jets: In a press conference with the Jets brass, John Idzik was asked about bringing in another QB; he simply said it was something new he brought in to create competition at that position. When asked why he thought that was something new, he tried to backtrack. Then he stated again that it was something new. Can you say "doublespeak?"

7. How did two analysts, including my favorite, Mike Mayock, not notice that three QBs were drafted in the first two days. Both he and Wendi Nix stated that two QBs were drafted by the end of the third round. And none of the other analysts caught the gaff.

8. How about Rich Eisen asking Denard Robinson, "How long did it feel like (waiting to get picked)?" How did he expect that to get answered? Robinson paused for a moment and said, "Forever." What other choice was there? "Two and a half days?"

9. Did Mike Mayock actually say, "He's an interesting kid because he can run?" Regarding WR Kenny Stills...?

10. And I just love this draft because, apparently, this is the year of the catch-phrase. Mayock probably used the most catch-phrases; but my favorite was from Les Miles; he opined regarding Tharold Simon that "he plays well with his eyes." I just hope he puts them back in when he's done.

And the mother of them all:

Jon Gruden (may he find another career soon) said, at the conclusion of day one: "I have nothing to say." That has to be a first.