2013 NFL Draft: Complete 7-Round Mock Draft

By Alex Whiteman
January 02, 2013 9:44 am
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While the 2013 NFL Draft class may seem lackluster compared to previous draft classes, make no mistake about it, there are unique play-makers all across the board. 

This draft order is based on the current league standings, with the Kansas City Chiefs holding the number one overall pick, while the Houston Texans have the final 32nd pick in this mock draft.

Even though the 2013 NCAA season has not hit the books, it is never quite to early to look at the future of the NFL, and who will hoist your team's jersey on draft day. 

Welcome to this 7-Round 2013 NFL Mock Draft.

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By Alex Whiteman
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2 years ago

You put a great deal of thought and work into your mock draft and I am not about to breakdown each selection at this point. I will say that at this point in time, I believe it is much too early to put together a mock draft with any kind of clarity as so many factors still needs to be played out before the draft. I understand your position in producing an early mock draft as the websites are currently filled with many mock drafts. Once the NFL combine is completed, that is when we will have a more clearer outlook on the draft and once that occurs, we will see many mock drafts adjusting their board according. Otherwise, I liked your overall viewpoint in your selections and it was well written; nice job.
2 years ago
Crazy respect for doing a full 7 round mock. Biggest issue I saw was Le'Veon Bell lasting until the 4th round. No way that happens, but you can just do some RB swapping and get it to make sense. If Bell slips that far, I'd fully expect Atlanta to pick him up over a scrub like Montee Ball.
2 years ago
Great work- wow. But I came to look at the patriots and saw some interesting picks, but their glaring needs are O-line and defensive secondary. I have to believe that they will draft need first.
2 years ago
Agreed with what some of the others are saying - crazy amount of work put in here. Although it is early for 7-round mocks, the effort is great and it paid off with the amount of reads you accumulated. Only real knock is that the order is incorrect.
2 years ago
I know this took a lot of time and I applaud your effort but there isn't a snowballs chance in hell of the Falcons using their top 3 picks on offensive skill position players. They have a nonexistent pass rush and have to improve their defensive line as well as the offensive line.

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