The Browns have been in this position before, weak in secondary depth and in big need of a corner back.  The used the 6th pick on Joe Haden a few years back, and in a rather weak class, Milliner is likely to be on the board when the Browns are on the clock with the 6th overall pick.

The signing of Paul Kruger eliminates the big rush LB position, making Ansah or Werner unlikely picks.  Buster Skrine had a good year for a kid tossed into the fire, but he was beaten by so many long balls to assure he will be a good nickel or dime back, but not a starting #2 cornerback.

Milliner brings speed, and sheer athleticism to boot.  He is good enough to potentially move Haden to the 2 corner while he covers the #1 corner.  Regardless of how you mix it, Milliner is the wise choice at number six if the Browns don't trade down to gather picks.  In my opinion this would be an understandable but also horrible move.

I've heard the arguments and the debate over whether or not you select a corner this low (pick 6) into the draft.  But, if Dee Milliner is there, then there's little doubt the Browns will take him,  Lets just take a look at his college level production -- During his years at Alabama, Milliner gathered 136 tackles, 6 picks for 107 yards, but most importantly, he deflected 41 passes!  That's a good amount for any CB in the SEC!

Granted the Browns could go any direction with this pick, but Milliner is the player their defense needs.  They selected a corner with the #6 pick before, and with Milliner on the board, they have to take him now that Kruger's plugged the other area on concern within the defense.  Milliner and Haden, kind of has a sweet ring to it.