Tyler EifertThe Vitals

NFL Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Pick No: 21

Player Name: Tyler Eifert

Position: TE

School: Notre Dame

Height/Weight: 6'5", 250 pounds

How is the fit?

It is not a bad fit. He is a better prospect than Gresham was coming out of the Draft. Gresham has been a disappointment so far. If we keep Gresham the Bengals can go two-TE sets.


A better pick here would have been…

I would've like Cordarrelle Patterson, Robert Woods, or Justin Hunter just someone to pair with AJ Green.


The Verdict:

I believe Eifert is a good player but we could've got Eifert is the 2nd or Ertz who I believe is a better prospect. Eifert will be good just early to go TE. 

He is a big target for Dalton who I feel is a below average quarterback so the more weapons the better for him. 

He will hopefully do what we thought Gresham would do and attack the seams.  He runs good routes and is a good blocker just would've liked more explosion on either side of the ball for a first round pick. 

But Eifert has a huge catch radius and decent speed. He will be a tough matchup for LBs and safeties in the division and in the NFL. Gresham has been a disappointment so there is plenty of chances for Eifert to take over the starting job.