Joeckel Luke Joeckel has all sorts of good traits, stringing from his ability to cut off angles with ease.

The one trait that nobody notices is that he uses his strengths as a constant positive.

But on another note, there are many reasons why he could not be who you think he is.

5. Allows Players to Ease off the Block: One of his main weaknesses is that after the initial hit he allows players to move off the block and move on to the running back or quarterback whoever was there.

With Jamaal Charles expected to be his running back, Joeckel needs to be able to hold his block longer as Charles likes to bounce around the line of scrimmage.

4. Branden Albert: Albert could be standing in his way for longer then people expect. We have heard that the Chiefs are interested in trading Albert for a 2nd round pick. Will that happen? I don't think so, I believe that him needing a new contract might not get the chiefs more than a 3rd-rounder and that could be generous.

So, Joeckel could be sitting behind Albert for this year. Which when a quarterback sits behind a veteran for a year it normally works, for a tackle to do that we will see. 

3. Protected by a Running QB: What I mean by he was protected, is that the defenders might have had to hold up and play a little more conservative when the were on the attack to make sure Manziel didn't burn them. So now that he has a stationery quarterback things might be a lot different. 

2. High Expectations in a Weak Draft Class: Whenever you are a No. 1 pick you have high expectations in front of you. Doesn't matter if you are the No. 1 pick in NHL, NBA, MLB , or as where talking about NFL.

This year's top 15 in the Draft seems to be much weaker than usual. So many people are comparing this year's top five to say last years picks between 10 and 15. So could he potentially be a player who won't live up to expectations; Yes. 

1. Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson: Fans of the Chiefs who are expected to draft Joeckel, will be looking at the No. 1 pick whoever it is to be a stud and head and shoulders above all other players in the Draft.

The issue could be that the separation between Fisher, Johnson, and Joeckel might not be as separated as you think. Many people have Fisher higher then Joeckel because of his ability to use his size to bully people around. Johnson compares to Luke in so many ways, the way they move around and the ability to cut off angles. So is Joeckel the overall best tackle that isn't quite a lock.