AnsahWould you take a chance on a player who looks like a beast coming off the edge to rush the passer, but only has nine starts in his college career?

That is the major question teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles may be asking when it comes to Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah, the pass rushing end form BYU.

Ansah seems to be the “hot” name in the Draft, moving up the boards of many teams and being touted by as the fourth overall prospect on the board.

The size, according to the scouting report, is there; 6’5” and 271 pounds. He is a speed rusher, much like that of Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants.

That’s pretty high praise for a pass rusher who has not started a complete season in his college career. Who is willing to take a chance? Who is willing to put him out there and let him loose?

Recent reports have the Jacksonville Jaguars considering him as their pick. I personally do not see him as a top-five draft pick, mainly because there are too many questions about his game, mainly with experience.

Here are five reasons why Ansah will be a bust in the NFL.

1. Not enough experience: Nine games as a starter does not mean he is a professional yet. I want to see a resume that shows he is a three-year starter with triple digit tackles and double digit sacks to his credit. 

2. Size, speed, and...: He is a hot name right now, like other pass rushers from year's past. Is he Mike Mamula who did everything right in drills and scouting combines, but flopped in the pros?

Is he Jason Pierre-Paul, who moved up the draft boards and the New York Giants took a chance on him? If he is anything like Pierre-Paul, who is arguably the best pass rusher in the game, then the team who chooses him will be very happy.

3. Needs better technique: According to the scouting reports, Ansah, "lacks elite first-step quickness off the snap. Relies too much on his speed, size and an explosive first punch to shock his opponent with his initial surge, struggling to break free if the blocker grabs a hold of Ansah's jersey or chest plate." That could be a major issue with huge offensive tackles who can secure him and stabilize him.

4. Not a lot of experience: He has only been playing football since 2010. He tends to let his pads rise and he can be overtaken by offensive linemen. Also his lack of competition he played against in college may be a concern.

5. He might be the biggest risk-reward player on the board: Players are usually cut and dry about their strengths and weaknesses. The great players tend to work through their weaknesses and improve.

Ansah has to show that the technical things he is not good at or needs more fine-tuning can be fixed within a short time in the NFL or he will get swallowed in a league that is bigger, stronger and faster.