2013 NFL Draft: 5 Reasons Cordarrelle Patterson Will Be A Bust

By Peter Smith
April 08, 2013 9:01 am
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Patterson with the ballTennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson is one of the most electric playmakers with the ball in his hands, but he is far from a sure thing as the NFL Draft approaches. 

His athletic potential with his speed, body control, and agility are off the charts. There are times when he is reminiscent of Barry Sanders with the ball in his hands in the open field. 

He has the potential to be the best receiver in the class and one of the best in the league. One thing is for sure; Patterson is going to get someone fired. 

The question is it will be the guy who picked him or another front office for passing on him.

1. The first thing people have to understand about Patterson is he is not just raw, he has virtually no idea what he is doing. 

He is at square one in terms of his understanding of the receiver and relies on pure instinct. He has produced some impressive results off of that in college, but he left as many plays on the field as he made.

It starts with his stance. It is that it is simply not helping him; it is actually hurting him. He stands too tall and all of his weight is on his back foot, so he gets little or nothing out of his first step. 

Michael Irvin made a point of this on NFL Network’s show, Playmakers, where he pointed this out to Patterson and tried to take a minute to address it. Of course it can be addressed and worked on but the fact of the matter is this is an issue that should have been addressed in high school; not approaching his rookie year as a professional.

His route running is probably the best attribute he has at this point, which is to say, it is the least problematic of his issues but still in its developmental stages. He did not run an extensive route tree and there are things he can do to make his routes more efficient. Patterson will occasionally tip his pitches and needs to reduce the amount of steps he takes into his breaks, especially on comebacks.

He has the feet to do this, but just needs to continue working on it and get more reps. Despite that, he has such impressive acceleration, agility, and raw speed that he had the ability to get open and make big plays. Also worth noting is the fact Patterson is fearless going into the middle of the field as a receiver.

2. The second issue that could sink Patterson is a question. Why is Patterson so raw? Why does it look like he has no clue what he’s doing as he approaches professional football? From Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina to a year at Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas to a year at the University of Tennessee, Patterson has been an incredible athlete but learned little if anything about the wide receiver.

Perhaps this was a matter of having ineffective coaches that never challenged him to improve and just worshipped his athletic ability and let him do whatever he wanted. The other possibility is coaches tried but ultimately Patterson ignored them and felt he knew better.

The answer could also be somewhere in the middle. The determination by a team could dramatically impact their willingness to draft him and different teams may come to a different conclusion.

The issue that hurts Patterson’s case is the fact that the guy who played across from him, Justin Hunter is an extremely polished wide receiver. Da’Rick Rogers, who ultimately had to transfer to Tennessee Tech, who had multiple issues off the field, is a more polished receiver. Patterson has to buy into the team and the coaching staff that selects him as much as the team who selects him buys into him to succeed.


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By Peter Smith
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2 years ago
my main issue is total catches? how many versus time played. the number is far too inadequate to be a 1st round pick. my god, it's under 60 receptions!! looks like an over hyped and valued player like that goon, geno smith!! yeah i said it, goon!! GO BILLS!!

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