Tyler EifertYou could argue that the top five players in this draft are the best players available and will help their respective teams the most.

But we all know the reality is that the majority of the impact will come from the players who are allowed to come in to a much better team and situation.

That’s why most of the top five list from the 2013 NFL Draft comes from pick five and out.

Last year some of the best players who made the most impact were not even drafted in the first round!

So without further ado, here are the top five picks in round 1.

1. Tyler Eifert, pick 20, Cincinnati Bengals - Eifert comes into a team that is surprisingly strong and will have some fun using his skill set. The reason I think he is the best overall pick is that he comes to an offense that is already set with guys who can help his growth process.

A.J. Green and Mohammed Sanu are in place and while Sanu is nowhere near Green in talent, he is a solid player. The team also has Jermaine Gresham at tight end and will allow the Bengals to balance their offense up with 12 personnel and spread the defense thin. 

2. Dee Milliner, pick 9, New York Jets - This one was obvious in my mind. The team loses the best corner in the league and the only piece that will allow the team to build their roster back up. So what do they do after losing Revis?

Draft the best corner and move on and be able to take bigger needs as the draft goes on. Milliner is a great cover corner with speed and has a great presence on the field. He will fit in much better than Kyle Wilson has in the last few years and will allow the Jets to form a formidable backfield with Antonio Cromartie.

3. Datone Jones, pick 26, Green Bay Packers - Jones is one of the best five techniques to come out of the college ranks in the past few years. Jones has had a great pre draft process, started by his great Senior Bowl week. Jones has really good pass rush moves and unreal hand punch power.

He will be a solid piece to the defense and will be helped by having such great edge rushers. He will have the ability to rush the passer in the same way the Texans have used J.J. Watt. Jones is not the speedy edge guy, but has length and leverage to get pressures. 

4. Star Lotulelei, pick 14, Carolina Panthers - The Panthers ran to the podium to draft one of the most pro-ready defensive tackles in this draft. Lotulelei is a load in the middle and he can immediately contribute to a depleted defensive line.

He may not have the presence you want as a pass rusher, but how about the pressure he will take of linebackers Luke Kuechly and Jon Beason? He is a high character guy who will add value from day one.

5. Ezekial Ansah, pick 5, Detroit Lions - This comes down to me seeing a physical freak who will add instant value to a team that is depleted at defensive end. Ansah is raw. No doubt about it. But he is not even scratching the surface of what he can do.

He has a great defensive staff in Detroit and some great defensive tackles to help ease him into stardom. Ansah needs work, but really there is no other player in this draft who has the pass rush skills that he has. Ansah will be eased into starting like Bruce Irvin was in Seattle, but he will have much better impact.