Geno Smith After failing to hear his name called on Thursday night, West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith received his new marching orders on Friday night when he was drafted by the New York Jets with the 39th overall pick.

While Smith was happy to hear his name called, one can only wonder about his true emotions about going to the Jets.

This pick by the Jets is a little baffling as the team still has Mark Sanchez, fifth pick overall in 2009, Tim Tebow, 25th pick overall in 2010 when drafted by the Broncos, Greg McElroy, drafted in 2011, and David Garrard who was promised a chance at the starting quarterback job.

Having a quarterback competition is one thing but New York seems desperate to find a quarterback that can win football games.

Smith will be a bust in New York because lack of good coaching, lack of playing time, and lack of talent around him.

The Jets lack good coaching at the quarterback position which can be seen by the fact that Sanchez has put up the worst total quarterback rating numbers over the past few seasons, has a completion percentage below 57 percent each of his seasons in the league, and because he is known as a turnover machine. New York has also shown lack of good coaching at the quarterback position and on offense by the way they have handled Tebow.

What the Jets are truly looking for at quarterback is a quarterback that is so good, he can play well despite bad coaching and that is an awful lot of pressure to put on a rookie quarterback.

The Jets did hire a new offensive coordinator; Marty Mornhinweg (spent his last seven seasons with the Eagles) and new quarterback coach, David Lee (just finished a one season stint with the Bills), who have not proven themselves over the past couple of seasons.

Despite the calls for Smith to start right away, as long as Rex Ryan is the head coach of the Jets, he is going to waffle on his quarterback decisions, not listen to what the fans want, and will stick with Sanchez at least through the start of the season.

Ryan has stuck with Sanchez before when he shouldn’t have and maybe Ryan doesn’t want to get rid of Sanchez, do remember that he did get a tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey.

Smith will also see a lack of playing time because the other quarterbacks on the roster are going to do all they can to give Smith a run for his money on eventually being the new starter or being the back-up quarterback.

Even if Smith does get playing time the New York offense isn’t exactly the definition of elite. In 2012, New York had the third fewest total passing yards and receiving yards in the league, and had the fourth fewest touchdown receptions in the league. While it is easy to put the blame on Sanchez the fact is offensive talent is lacking and the Jets have done nothing this offseason to try to correct that.

New York hopes receiver Santonio Holmes will be back after losing him for the majority of 2012 with a foot injury; however Holmes has only 1,672 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns since becoming a member of the Jets and has not led the team in receiving yards in any of this three seasons with the team.

The fact of the matter is that Smith has ended up in an all-around bad situation to start his NFL career. The only bright side is that he most likely will have a new head coach and not have to compete with Sanchez in 2014 as both will be ousted at the end of this season.