EJ ManuelThe Buffalo Bills traded out of the 8th spot of the NFL Draft to the 16th spot to take quarterback EJ Manuel from Florida State.

Manuel will be a decent pro but many do not see him as being a franchise quarterback.

Mainly there are three reasons why he will be a bust in Buffalo; has not shown ability to read defenses, not being the most accurate passer, last year's rookie class and the unreal expectations they have inadvertently put on him.

Let's take at look at each of these:

1. Not Reading Defenses: The biggest gripe against Manuel is his ability to not read defenses.

Manuel, in his days at Florida State, would only read half the field. EJ would only read one to two options and if they were not open he would run.

The benefit is that he is athletic enough to gain yards, but to make the jump to franchise, elite level quarterbacking it is staying in the pocket and understanding where the defensive holes are.

The great ones know how to pick a defense apart with their mind and then let their athletic ability take over from there.

2. Not The Most Accurate of Passers: Besides not being able to read defenses very well, Manuel also has problems with his accuracy.

Manuel's short passes are erratic at times by throwing it wide of his targets or low. Manuel's deep ball accuracy can be questioned at times and in the NFL if you aren't accurate that usually means a turnover or two.

3. Blame RGIII and Russel Wilson and Andrew Luck: The unreal seasons of RGIII, Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck now have organizations looking to get their rookie QB's on the field as soon as possible and expect them to turn the franchise around.

Manuel by being drafted in the first round and the only QB drafted will be expected to start within the first few weeks. Manuel will not have the ability to learn the speed of the pro game.

Being thrown into the fire and asked to defeat defensive gurus in Belichick and Rex Ryan is a lot to ask from a rookie. Last year rookie class took the league by storm and someday those guys may be compared to the 1983 class but not all rookie quarterbacks are created equal.

The Buffalo Bills will put the game in Manuel's hand and he is not ready to deliver them big wins, especially in the difficult AFC East.

Basing your franchise success on an unproven player is very risky, but in today's win now NFL, coaches are forced to do that. EJ Manuel could end up being a good quarterback, but he is a project and will need time to develop.

Manuel will be rushed to play because of where he was picked, and have to learn on the job while trying to lead a young team to the playoffs.

EJ Manuel will be a bust if he does not improve his accuracy and learn to read defenses better. Overall, Manuel would have been better served being drafted later in the draft and by a team that had a veteran quarterback in place.