2013 NFL Combine: 10 Players Who Must Kill It

By Doug Tozier
February 11, 2013 10:01 am
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Only 32 players can be first round draft picks each year. Some teams target those they feel could be franchise saving talent. And the Combine is where the opinions of the draft brain-trust of these teams can be impressed, or sent looking elsewhere.

While the number one pick always receives the most hype, every position, even in the later rounds is significant. Not every team needs a new franchise quarterback; but each team has specific needs that it looks to fill in the draft, often in the first round or two.

The Combine is the last chance for these prospects to raise, or at least solidify their draft stock. Here is my list of the ten college prospects who need to kill it at the Combine to maximize their payday later this month.

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By Doug Tozier
Senior Writer
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2 years ago
Hey Doug, your "Patriotism" runneth over ;-) .
What's all the hubbub about Geno Smith? He's mediocre in his games I watched.I rate him maybe the third best quarterback and the Chiefs would be silly to take him over Joeckel or 3-4 all-pro caliber defensive players. Even your man Tommy gun can't make plays on his back.
KC gets the 34th pick and will find a quarterback, since the strength of this draft is defense.I might look for a second stud OL if available to solidify protection for the foreseeable future. Cassell isn't THAT. bad! Jags are the team needs. a quarterback bad,you can go to the can and not miss the. release point on that guy.
2 years ago

I DON'T CARE WHO YA ARE THAT'S FUNNY RIGHT THERE. But your are right about the Chiefs, I just don't know if they are that smart. I would rate Nassib as the most consistent QB with the most upside.

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