1. Kansas City Chiefs: Luke Joeckel T Texas A&M,

-Joeckel seems to be a mainstay at this number one pick no matter what happens. I still think they will trade this pick and stock up on others. 

2. Jacksonville Jaguars: Geno Smith QB West Virginia,

- As it has been noted the Jaguars sent their entire front office to Smith's pro day. I think their is too much interest for this to slip through. Jaguars need a franchise quarterback and with Blackmon in the wide out spot and MJD in the backfield would be very dangerous.

3. Oakland Raiders: Sharrif Floyd DT Florida,

- This is becoming one of the only locks in the first round. Floyd fills a big need in the raiders defense with the loss of Seymour and Kelly. He has a odd combination of strength and speed. 

4. Philadelphia Eagles: Eric Fisher T Central Michigan,

- This is a pick where the Eagles seemingly have no choice but to get protection for Michael Vick if they will be staying with him. Imagine the way McCoy can run behind him it would be almost a perfect relationship.

5. Detroit Lions: Lane Johnson T Oklahoma,

- This is my surprise top 10 pick I talked about yesterday. If you follow me on twitter (@nickbarlottafn) you will see it.  Lions need someone to protect Stafford and Lane Johnson could be comparable to Fisher and Joeckel in some ways.

6. Cleveland Browns: Dee Milliner CB Alabama,

- This IS the Browns guy, they want him more than anybody else. I believe he is the top guy on their board. They look to pair him with Joe Haden and that would be a scary combination.

7. Arizona Cardinals: Dion Jordan DE Oregon,

-Cardinals need the top guy available and as many have put it this guy Dion Jordan might be the best player in the draft. Cardinals need a tackle but that position is deep in this draft;they can find a starter in the second round.

8. Buffalo Bills: Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse,

- Ryan Nassib is the QB they want. The new head coach Doug Marrone loves him and so do the Bills. I don't think they will wait till the second round they will pounce on him here. 

9. New York Jets: Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU,

- They would be able to settle with Mingo here, but if Ansah is still here they can't pass up his interesting skill set. 

10. Tennessee Titans: Jonathan Cooper G North Carolina,

- They are not opposed to bringing in another Guard despite signing Levitre, and I firmly believe they as well as me like Cooper above Warmack.

11. San Diego Chargers: Chance Warmack G Alabama,

- They can use anybody on that offensive line meaning they will take best available at tackle or guard. Warmack is viewed as a top ten prospect and the Chargers could be drafting a All Pro for years to come.

12. Miami Dolphins: Tavon Austin WR West Virginia,

- The Dolphins have made it known publicly that they covet Tavon in this draft. The skepticism is that he might not fall to this spot. If and when he does the Dolphins will make this selection.

13. New York Jets: Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame,

- I have said all along that the Jets will trade Revis to the Bucs so i will follow along here. Eifert's stock has jumped to a top 20 selection and Jets need a target for Sanchez.

14. Carolina Panthers: Star Lotulelei DT Utah,

- They have coveted Richardson as long as Star isn't there. With Star available I don't think they can pass him up. 

15. New Orleans Saints: Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU,

- Saints have joined the party by moving to a 3-4 and there is no better way to kick it off then with Mingo. He could potentially go Top 10 but if he is here the Saints will be happy.

16. St. Louis Rams: Kenny Vaccaro S Texas,

- Vaccaro fills a big hole as the Rams have maybe the biggest need on the NFL at safety. Rams fans would be happy with this pick.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia,

- Jones is definitely a physical specimen, come in a little undersized but it's fixable if he puts on some weight. 

18. Dallas Cowboys: D.J Fluker T Alabama,

- Dallas needs help all over their O-line and Fluker is a versatile player that would work in this system. Cowboys perfect scenario would be a Guard but they can settle with Fluker.

19. New York Giants: Bjeorn Werner DE Florida State,

- Werner makes the most sense as he can take over for the void left by Osi. Tuck would be able to make Werner reach his full potential. 

20. Chicago Bears: Manti Te'o MLB Notre Dame,

- I've laughed at him being a first round talent. But lately with Urlacher not coming back and a big need at inside linebacker this pick seems appealing to me.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Jonathan Cyprien S Florida International,

- Hard hitting safety is a surprise pick for the Bengals, lately they have been linked to safety and he is the best available at this position.

22. St. Louis Rams: Kyle Long T Oregon,

- Kyle Long is a solid Tackle. Is he a Pro Bowler? Maybe not. But he can definitely be serviceable in this league.

23. Minnesota Vikings: Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri,

- Richardson should not be this deep, but with Star going so late it delayed Richardson. The Vikings will be ecstatic to bring in Sheldon.

24. Indianapolis Colts: Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State,

- This makes some sense here. They can use a shut down corner and Rhodes fits that mold. Much like Richardson he was expected to go higher but it seems he could drop to end of round one.

25. Minnesota Vikings: Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee,

- The ceiling seems to be high for a guy of Patterson's stature. He poises as threat thats is comparable to Julio Jones.

26. Green Bay Packers: Justin Pugh G/T Syracuse,

- Pugh is a god fit as they could use some inside help. Another name to think about is Travis Federick. 

27. Houston Texans: Justin Hunter WR Tennessee,

- The ceiling fell out from under him a few months ago but he hasn't stopped working to put himself back in the first round conversation. 

28. Denver Broncos: Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M,

- Moore's stock has been dropping since the season ended. But I still believe he will go in the first.

29. New England Patriots: Desmond Trufant Washington,

Trufant is a fit and the fact that he is still on the board is crazy. 

30. Atlanta Falcons: Jamar Taylor CB Boise State,

- Taylor is a full fledged top prospect, he fits in this overlooked defense.

31. San Fransisco 49ers: Matt Elam S Florida,

-They need a safety and he could work in this without a doubt ridiculous defense.

32. Baltimore Ravens: Keenan Allen WR California,

- He is a troubled player but they drafted Jimmy Smith a few years ago, why not Allen.