Colin Kaepernick Hello fantasy Football fans. Welcome to fantasy football for the 2013 NFL season. I have been given the opportunity to write about last year's NFC Champions, The San Francisco 49ers.

So here we go!

I'll start by telling you a little about the 2012 San Francisco 49ers' fantasy football numbers and what to make of them. In 2012 the 49ers had a very productive year passing for a combined 3,551 yards of passing offense, with 23 touchdowns thrown by two quarterbacks. There in lies the first rub for the 2013 season.

Last season Alex Smith threw for 1,700-plus yards passing, and Colin Kaepernick accounted for 1,800-plus yards passing. Each guy was productive in their turns playing quarterback, while sharing the statistical categories. While Colin Kaepernick was more productive in the combined touchdowns passing and rushing accounting for 15 combined touchdowns, throwing for 10,and rushing for five more.  

Alex Smith was more productive in the singular passing touchdowns department, by throwing 13 touchdown passes. Quite a conundrum for a fantasy football freak! Everyone of us has to try and figure out what the difference will be in 2013, so here are some of the positives and the negatives to a solely Colin Kaepernick run offense.

Missing from this year's receiving corps will be the single most effective weapon for the 49ers in Michael Crabtree who accounted for 85 receptions, 1,105 total yards, as well as 9 touchdown catches. his most important category is one that most of us don't look at and that is his contribution by keeping the chains moving, where he was responsible for 57 first downs last year. He won't be with the team, as he had offseason surgery that will sideline him for a good deal of the 2013 season.

To add to the offensive differences this season will be the loss of two additional members of the WR corps from the 2012 team in Randy Moss and Delanie Walker, who between them were responsible for an additional six touchdowns, and even more firstdowns, which I think will lead to a different type of offense this year. 

So here are the main producers on the offensive side of the ball and where they might be talken in most fantasy drafts for the 2013 season.

Colin Kaepernick has a very high ceiling for the upcoming season. He can be a stellar athelete and on this team he will be the man. His statistics project out to be an improvement over last year's number, but I don't expect off the charts numbers like most draftniks think.

Last year he threw for 1,800 yards with a superior receiving corps, this year he is going to rush for twice as many touchdowns as he did last year provided he stays on the field, which would put him in at approximately 10 rushing touchdowns; however I'm not convinced that he'll be a touchdown throwing machine, and I think his passing touchdown number will rise, it won't be by a large number as he threw 13 touchdows and i could see him throwing for 18- 20 this season.

My projection for his being drafted is that though he is a top 15 quarterback, I project that he will be a 3rd round type quarterback -- and that if you haven't taken your quarterback by the 3rd round he would make a very good choice.

Next up on the list of guys who can help your fantasy teams from the 49ers is Frank Gore. Frank gore had a very good season for the 4'ers last season compiling decent stats and proving that he was, and is still a quality running back. His statline looked like this: 1,214 yards rushing, 8 rushing touchdowns, 28 receptions and 234 yards receiving, with 1 receiving touchdown.

These stats would indicate that he will be a top draft choice for a fantasy football team, but not in this case as Colin kaepernick is a running quarterback and he is going to diminish the amount of carries any San Francisco running back would normally get.

With this said though, I love the guy personally, but he is no better than a 4-8 round selection, just because of his quarterback!

Vernon DavisExploring the WR corps of the 49ers brings us to a dilemma! Where do these guys fit in the grand scheme of things, as again the running quarterback thing rears it's ugly head.

I'll start with the next best player on this team, Vernon Davis. His season could actually be a very good one! As I see Colin Kaepernick using him for his best ability, catching touchdowns!

Vernon may not rack up a lot of yardage,  but his touchdown catches could and should improve; last year he caught five touchdown passes, and this year he should be good for anywhere between 10-13 touchdowns ,and again I caution anyone who is expecting large reception numbers as he has the unenvienable task of blocking for Colin Kaepernick.

Based upon a two tight end fantasy league I would draft him and make him my No. 2 guy. I'm not sure which round he would go in, but let's just play it safe and say round 8, that will be a place where you draft a 2nd tight end.

The fourth best player on this team could very well be Anquan Boldin as he steps into the role left vacant by the injury suffered by Michael Crabtree. I could easily see Anquan having a very good season, and though the Colin factor will be a detriment, he has to throw the ball to achieve effectiveness in his personal running game, and Anquan could be the benefactor! 

With last season we saw how effective he can be from the slot receiver position angainst the Patriots in particular, his ability to catch the ball in tight situations prove that he is an above average receiver, his statline from last year was a fairly productive one of 65 receptions.921 yards, and four touchdowns. How this translates to the 49ers' offense is that he now moves into the lead receiver position.

His numbers won't drop unless Colin truly hogs the ball, so you can safely guess his production to be somewhere in the same range as last year's, 70-75 catches, 1,100 yards, and say 6-8 touchdowns. He's definately the best choice as a draft choice from this particular team. Again I don't make him my No. 1 WR, but as a No. 2 or as a bench guy he's a good pick. I won't speculate where you should draft him as I obviously don't know everyone's draft strategies.

The No. 1 draft choice of this team is their defense, yup! They will be one of the top 5 defenses, and we all have a defense point gain in our leagues. I won't go into detail as to why they are a top 5 defense, but I would suggest you take them right after you grab your last starting player, if they are still availible.

If you are looking for the rookie of the year on offense on this team it could very well be the young man out of Louisianna Tech, Quinton Patton. If he comes in and learns the offense quickly he might just force Colin Kaepernick to throw the ball just a little more often than I think he's going to. If he comes into camp unprepared he could also wind up being the classic bust.

The MVP on this team will be Colin Kaepernick! Good luck fantasy football fans as this has been my preview of the San Francisco 49ers for the upcoming 2013 NFL season.

Only time will tell if my estimations are accurate. Enjoy your season and hopefully a team or two of yours benefits from my efforts. fantasy football champions or bust!